7 Weeks.

Calendar Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks since I last had Aunt Flow and this is the longest it’s ever gone so I’m hoping and praying that this is it; that I’ve started menopause and that the last one I had back in December was my last one and I’m not going to get it again. Of course every time it comes late I hope this and it always inevitibly ends up coming,and the longer it goes, the worse it is, heavier flow and worse cramps, but this time it might actually be it….oh, I sure hope so, and I am 51 now afterall, and my mother’s stopped at 50 and my friends’ all stopped before 50, so hopefully….. I’m too old for this shit now. I don’t need it anymore.

Patti also said she was talking to the vet and they said it’s unlikely her dog got prego due to Buddy’s advanced age; since he’s 12, but he’s pretty virile and I know men can still father children well into their 80’s so we’ll just have to wait and see, and at least Buddy got his wish; he finally got laid. It will sort of serve her right though after everything she put me thru if there doesn’t end up being any puppies afterall. Today also ends my 14 days of wearing the heart monitor and I’m so glad; what a relief! The darn thing is so itchy and now I have permanent itchy red squares on my chest and they even have little red bumps on it I’m sure are hives, allergic to the sticky gummy stuff. I’m also allergic to the “plastic” medical tape they use to attach the IV’s. I need to use the paper tape instead.

My friend O (from grade 10) was also scheduled for his open-heart surgery today to replace a faulty valve but it was post-poned until next week as the ICU is closed, for the first time ever as the Flu epidemic is the worst it’s been in 40 years and all the Flu patients are taking up all the ICU beds! Last year the poor guy also had a kidney and a cancerous tumour removed from his kidney. The 10 YR old was freaking out over his video game,too, and ranted and raged in a fury, I’m going to kill everyone in this house! and on and on he went, and I swear there’s something wrong with him yet no one listens to me or believes me, but it disturbs me that he talks like that, that he even thinks like that; there’s something wrong with him, yet I’m the only one that sees it or takes it seriously. The kids just laugh it off as his autistic rages and my mother and hubby just dismiss my concerns but I know he’s not right….