ultrasound Yesterday I had an ultrasound, this time of my bladder and kidneys. They were 30 minutes late seeing me and my bladder was bursting as I had to drink 1 litre of fluids 1 hour before and not go pee so I was swimming in it and then I was late getting seen(so I had to “hold it” for 90 minutes!!) as they had emergencies(it was at the hospital, afterall) they had to squeeze in in-between.  The technician questioned why I had the scan when I just had CT scans and MRI’s but whatever….ask my doctor, he’s the one that ordered the test. I know the bladder and kidneys since lab tests repeatedly show blood in my pee and bloodtests continue to show kidney failure, so there’s that, but I know what she means though; the other scans are more precise and would pick up more details than the ultrasound would.After the scan was done I did this tremendous colossal pee that lasted about 10 minutes long! I just kept going,and going,and going…what a relief!!

In any case, I was so bored waiting too as….wouldn’t you know it….just my “luck”, they had redneck hockey shit playing on the TV in the waiting room and there’s no way I’m watching that, and they never even had any magazines I could look thru either and I didn’t bring my iPod to listen to music as I didn’t expect to be waiting that long…so all I could do was try to focus looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor, not side to side or the other people waiting there might think I’m staring at them,esp. the 2 lesbians that were there, I didn’t want to appear rude. In any case, the scan itself took under 10 minutes and I noticed she spent more time scanning the left kidney than the right one so I don’t know if she found anything and was concentrating on that or if she just might have had a harder time getting a clearer image and had to keep re-doing it… my next test is an echocardiogram in April but I’ve had so many scans and tests and medical appt’s and doctor’s visits I don’t even remember which hospital that one’s even at; the one here in town, or the one in a nearby town….just so many…. I get them all mixed up…

I just hope with everything they finally find out what’s causing my liver, heart, lung, and kidney failure. I just keep getting more and more fatigued every day, no energy, just tired and drained and I can only manage to do one thing and then I have to lay down and I don’t sleep well at night and wake up every hour yet I’m so tired all the time all I want to do is sleep and today my abdomenal pain is so bad for awhile there I even wondered if something was about to rupture. Funny too: the 10 YR old heard me mentioning about Aunt Flow and he was confused and asked the 14 YR old, Who’s Aunt Flow? We don’t have any aunts…. and she just smiled, stifling a laugh. 😀



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