A Day At Public School.

Schoolbus Yesterday the 16 YR old spent the day with her friend at the local highschool. She “shadowed” her friend around all day and rode back and forth on the school bus with her and attended all her classes and spent the day with her at school as she always wanted to know what a day in public school would be like since she’s always been homeschooled, along with all of our kids. Of course the local highschool in this town has the reputation of being the worst in the region of all of the towns in the area for drugs, gangs, and teen pregnancy rates( they even have a daycare right there at the school!) and even her friend that goes there hates it so of course I was worried the entire time she was there and praying that it wasn’t the day that they had a school shooting, bomb threat, lock down, evacuation, police raid, or God knows what else, but it ended up ok, thank God.

She had 4 classes: math, Home Ec, art, and science.She said she liked the science teacher  and liked looking at cells under the microscopes the most but the school work itself was really simple and stuff we had already covered in our lessons years ago and all the kids at that school are all so dumb and asked the dumbest questions and didn’t know the answers to anything, for example when a teacher asked how big a metre is a kid replied the size of his finger. She also said all the students are so ghetto and redneck and they all wear hoodies and sweatpants.She said she could easily tell by observing which kids the teachers liked and which ones they didn’t by the way they interacted with them and treated them and there was this one guy, the stoner, this one teacher absolutely hated and it showed; he was always condescending to him which is sad to hear; she said he’s just a burn-out and the teacher simply gave up on him but even so he’s still a human being and deserves to be treated with respect and this reminds me of bullying; singling one person out for targeting.

I’m surprised they had Home Ec in highschool though. I took that back in Grade 7 and it just seems so, I can’t even think of the right word….so…..remedial, maybe, for highschool, low-level for grade 11, and she took a bagged lunch like any other kid would to school and hung out at her friend’s house after and she said she had fun(but then again it was only just for one day; it wouldn’t be so fun every day) but the kids are still grateful and glad that they’re homeschooled though (and teachers and students at the school were curious about it too and were asking her questions so it was kind of like they got to learn about eachother’s worlds) and even their public schooled friends tell them they wish that they were,too, but I just hope in doing this experiment she hasn’t endangered our homeschooling in any way as she did have to get permission from the office to do it; a visitor’s pass from the Principal and signed permission from each teacher and I hope they don’t have her address and name and everything and decide, Oh, look, here’s the name and info of another homeschooling family! Lets’ report them to the school board and hassle them! Homeschooling isn’t illegal but some authorities still like to stir up trouble. My mother says now that’s the least of our concerns given our most recent crisis with my hubby losing his job and the uncertainty of it all; what will we do for $$$$, will we have to move and if so when and where, and what happens if I lose my drug coverage….but I’m thinking we don’t need yet another problem on top of it!

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