In My Dreams.

SleepingHippo In my dreams everything I’ve ever hoped for, wanted, dreamed, of,and fantasized of can come true. I can be anything, I can do anything, anything is possible. I am limitless. Anything can happen. In my dreams I am not limited or held back by my looks, my medical issues, my finances, my intellect, or anything at all. In my dreams I can fly. I can soar. I can be free. I am happy. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am swirling along the dance floor dancing with a handsome man. In my dreams I am cherished and I find love and happiness. In my dreams I have long wavy red hair. I am thin. I’m not an outcast. I am not always singled out for ridicule and bullying. I fit in. I am accepted and normal.In my dreams I find happiness and peace.In my dreams I can fly and I soar high above the trees into the clouds. I head towards the light. I can fly among rainbows. I can be invisible. I time travel. I go back to my happy childhood and my old house in Toronto. I can re-live happy moments in my life. I can visit relatives who have long died. I am fearless, courageous and invincible. I can be anything and I can do anything. No one can hurt me anymore and I can just be happy,safe,and free. I am running thru an endless field of sunflowers. I feel the sun on my face forever. I’m at the beach and it never ends. That’s what I imagine and hope Heaven to be like.

As well, sadly the 23 YR old and his GF did break up, just like in the dream I had last week. It’s odd how that often happens, how I “see” things ahead of time in my dreams and even get warnings in my dreams before things occur. My Babushka also had this and I think the 18 YR old does as well. This gift seems to be given to one person in each generation in my family as it would appear. Sometimes dreams are just dreams but other times they are something more. I also had my recurring dream again I move back to my old Toronto house only this time it was different; this time I regretted it as it was too small and not the same as it was before and how I remember it and I couldn’t let Buddy run around in the yard and it only had a fence on one side and it just didn’t work for me anymore and I wish I hadn’t moved.

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