Skinhead Lesbian?

EmmaGonzalez This is anti- gun student activist Emma Gonzalez who has become a spokesperson against gun violence and school shootings. She is one of the survivors of the recent school shooting in Florida. All across USA her and  close to a million others have gathered peacefully in marches, protests,and rallies for gun reform and gun control, tired of all the gun violence, school shootings, mass shootings, and gun deaths. Too many kids and others are senselessly dying and nothing ever seems to get done about it.

Until now.

It took a bunch of highschool teens to stand up and  take a stand against a reality they have to face every single day and they’re had enough. Now they are speaking up against this injustice that has gone on for way too long and are challenging American lawmakers, the NRA and other pro-gun fanatics to put an end to it by at least regulating gun ownership more, requiring stricter background checks, waiting periods, denial for those with criminal records or mental illness, etc. all of which is fair and reasonable, except the gun freaks are so obsessed with their guns and their “rights” to own them they care more about guns than they do about kids’ lives, and not only that but they play dirty and have the most far-out there theories ever, I just can’t believe it.I’m just standing here like, Seriously? What the f*ck?

First of all they have no logical counter-arguments so they stoop down to a lower level of attacking the students in other ways, such as their appearance, someone even referring to Emma as a Skinhead lesbian, attacking her appearance(which you can never truly “judge” by anyway; I have the exact same hair and I’m neither a skinhead or a lesbian, for example, and even if she is that has nothing to do with anything) and criticized her for wearing a Cuban flag patch on her jacket, saying she was some sort of Communist radical when in actual reality her father is from Cuba because they have no real logical response so instead they use insults, name-calling, personal attacks, and bullying tactics to try to “discredit” them and they’re also saying the protesting students are nothing more than crisis actors used as pawns by the media, and that it’s like Hitler and the Nazis; the first thing Hitler did too was “use the children” and take away gun rights,that the students are “saluting like the Nazis did to Hitler” etc. It’s just so insane and I think the NRA should be labelled a terrorist organization since they promote guns and  violence.

I never could wrap my head around Americans’ weird obsession with guns. I just can’t. Certainly people’s right to live in safety and kids’ rights to attend school without fear of being shot should come before gun rights, I mean, it’s not that hard of a concept, and the gun freaks are carrying on like it’s some gov’t conspiracy but people have just had enough of gun violence and want change and for it to end. It takes the youth to create positive change and soon they will be the voters and the leaders, and they can get rid of all the pro-NRA lawmakers and others that support and promote violence. It’s up to the next generation to create a culture free of war, hate, violence, etc. that the current system not only allows but supports, encourages, funds,and upholds.

PizzaCake As well, this is the pizza-themed cake the 16 YR old made for the now 11 year old’s birthday yesterday, and I was in so much pain yesterday too, my abdomenal, stomach and lower back pain was so bad it was off the charts and on top of that my stomach also felt nauseated too but despite it I still made it to church,although I had to sit down for most of the Gospel and couldn’t stand for long; I thought I was going to pass out and there were only half as many people at Mass yesterday too for Palm Sunday and the thought occurred to me, What if The Rapture occurred and I missed it? Maybe that’s where all the people went? There’s also this sweet little house just down the street from church that’s empty now and sometimes the thought comes into my head that maybe it will be our new house; it’s brick and stone and has a nice wooden door and there’s just something about it that draws me and every time I walk past it I just look at it intensely…

I’m also oddly NOT as worried as usual( but feel a reassuring sense of peace and calm) about our current crisis with my hubby losing his job(likely this week!) and what the uncertain future brings, incl. our financial situation , me losing my drug coverage, and if we might have to move, because I surrendered it completely to God. In blind faith I just handed it all over to Him and stepped back, knowing He will take care of it and provide for us just like He always does and that everything will work out for the best according to His plan and He’ll see us thru it ok. Part of it is due to my strong faith and trust in God, and part also because I give up, have no resources left; no strength left in me to give, no more fight left, no more tears left, no more energy for worry; I just gave up on life and basically just don’t give a shit anymore, now I just sort of trudge along, plodding thru life, plus I know it’s in His Hands and He’ll work it all out and look after us. I’ve also given up any hope of ever finding love as well; I think some people(like me) are just meant to be alone. I know I’m difficult to live with, difficult to get along with,and difficult to love. I go my own way and with my looks no guys ever want me,either, so I’ve just come to accept the fact that I’m probably just destined to be alone. Just me and my dog.