Swimming Upstream.

salmon The 11 YR old was playing Minecraft and he designed this treehouse where the only way you can go in is to swim upstream up a waterfall and then it occurred to me that that’s me, that’s how I feel going thru my life, just like a salmon swimming upstream, against the current, to spawn. It’s not an easy thing to swim upstream, against the current.It’s not easy for me to fight to survive thru my life. That’s me and my life with all the crisis, trials, hardships, traumas,set-backs, disappointments, failures, knock-downs hits, abuse, rejection, difficulties, challenges, bad luck, pain, disadvantages, victimization, etc.. that I’ve had to constantly face in my life, hurtling from one right to another, with rarely a break in-between to even catch a break,a breath, or to refuel. I feel like I’m always swimming upstream, against the current, struggling, flailing, going against this force with all my might, and it has almost killed me many times and yet I still keep trying. I have always had to go against the flow, push back, hold on, endure, push thru, soldier on, charging ahead, keep swimming.Will I ever make it though? I feel like I’m always struggling to swim upstream but I never seem to get to the calm and safety of the other side. I’m always just struggling but I never seem to get anywhere for it. I just keep endlessly swimming upstream but I never get anywhere.

As well, my hubby found a temporary job in the same company for 3 months anyway, so we have income and drug and dental coverage for the next 3 months, until the end of June, but he’ll have to work every night until 8 pm, but the job fair(where he was all day yesterday) continues on today as well and he had 2 interviews yesterday and hopefully more today and I have a good feeling about it….I also had to overcome temptation to NOT eat my Easter chocolate I have to save until Sunday…..I was so tempted to just bite off the little square at the bottom where it stand in the box and maybe even a few chunks off the back where it wouldn’t be noticeable, and then just put it back in the box where no one would be able to tell……ha ha ha I’m so bad!!!  😀   Gluttony is my biggest sin.