I Love Me Some Hippo!







As well, for the past month, maybe even longer, it’s been so long I’ve lost count now, I’m not sleeping well; every night I sleep for maybe 3 hours well and then I keep waking up every hour and also lay awake for 3-4 hours so I’m exhausted; I even wake up tired and with stinging eyes and have to sleep during the day because I’m not sleeping at night so when I see the doc this week maybe he can give me something to help me sleep? I’ve tried melatonin but it doesn’t work for me. Also I keep having scary nightmares bad things happen to Buddy, like he gets attacked and killed by a coyote, or run over by a car, or decapitated, or stolen,or I find him dead, etc. and it’s so horrible it wakes me up and I tell myself to come out of it but it still leaves me rattled and I wonder if it’s just my fear of losing him ( the only joy , light, and love in my life) coming to the surface?

With all the crisis, overwhelming stress, and uncertainty  and worry going on in my life as well I came across this quote in a blog by Stephanie Neilson:

Do you ever feel like your life is kind of like a puzzle,
but you just don’t have all the pieces,
and you spend so much time and effort looking for
just ONE piece to help you see the picture.
It sums up exactly how feel in life and what I’m going thru right now with my hubby looking for a job, financial struggles, losing my drug coverage, likely having to move, not knowing what’s ahead or what to expect, how things are going to work out in the end, if we’re going to be ok, etc. and I went to Confession in church yesterday too in case I do die soon, just in case; it’s better to be ready and prepared….