Niagara Falls.

NiagaraFalls I was going to post about my hubby and the kids’ weekend in Niagara Falls yesterday except I was the only one awake at the time I did my blog so I didn’t know anything yet or have anything to write so I waited until now. It went ok but they didn’t do well in their jiu-jitsu and cheerleading competitions. The 23 YR old hurt himself in his competition but he still did his own personal goal of competing against and even “besting” guys in higher ranks but the second-oldest got sick and had to withdraw and wasn’t even able to compete and as for the 16 YR old’s cheerleading, her team came in, well, I hate to say it, but….last. There were about 7 teams competing. Oh, well. Then in the end the 23 YR old( who was staying with the second-oldest at her place in Toronto for their competition) got sick too so now he’s brought it back home so the rest of us will eventually get it,too.

They said that Niagara Falls is such a dump, so seedy, run-down, such a ghetto, and my hubby said it’s the most ghetto place he’s even been,and that’s really saying something as he really doesn’t have high standards and thinks nothing  of staying at a fleabag roach motel, you know, the kind where they still have chalk outlines on the floor and where they have to change the sheets every hour…but I told him that Detroit is still the biggest and worst ghetto place ever. It doesn’t get much worse than that. I’ve been to Niagara Falls 3 times; once as a kid with my mother when we took the coach bus up to Marineland, then twice around age 14; once on a school trip and another time with a friend’s family.

As well, I still have that blinding headache; it’s been about a week now, a week straight, and with my luck it’s probably a sinus infection that’s spread to my brain, or toxic shock syndrome from my tampons or something as I’m always that unlucky one-out-of-a- million that gets these rare disorders and complications…..the story of my life…my hubby is also disappointed that I didn’t die like I thought I would and he accuses me of “crying wolf” and says it’s like Buddy when he does his “fake cough” trying to gain sympathy and attention, but it’s not; I really, truly,and actually felt like I was dying, right on the “edge”, but maybe it was just some sort of cruel “joke” God was playing with me, just jerking me around, stringing me along so far, bringing me close and then yanking it away, sort of like dangling meat in front of a dog and then just when he thinks he’s going to get it you pull it away. That’s what it feels like anyway. I got so close and then it was gone.

The 16 YR old also found out spying on Patti’s Facebook ( she blocked me, remember?) that she….get this…. bought a dog stroller for her dog and the puppies, expected within the next 1-2 weeks….oh, my God, she’s even crazier than I am! The Jehovah’s Witnesses also came by yesterday too only it wasn’t the usual old guy that always comes by and has for years, who I’ve developed a friendship with and always look forward to seeing and talking to; it was another guy and now I’m worried that maybe he died or something; I mean; he must be in his 80’s or 90’s…..that’s just so sad to think about. I hope not though, but at least if he did I take comfort in knowing where he is.