BuddyNew Buddy is the perfect name for my dog. He really is my buddy; my best buddy. We are so much alike, so I guess it’s true what they say about what they say about dogs and their owners becoming the same. We have so much in common. We both love to snuggle and cuddle up, we both love the sun and being outside, we both are going old and grey together, we both have arthritis(his hip, my knee) we both love napping, we both have a sweet-tooth, we both enjoy our walks, we’ve both been abused, we both needed eachother, we’re both full of love to give, we both love food, we both walk slow, we both hate rain, we’re a perfect match. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s my best friend. When I look at him I don’t even see a dog; I see a soul. Love is where you find it.

Getting Buddy is the best thing I ever did. I’m so glad I have him. I prayed to God to send me someone to love and He sent me Buddy, and he loves me back,too, unlike everyone else that I’ve  loved, and unlike other friends, he’ll never turn on me, betray me, get tired of me, stop being my friend, use me, or ditch me. He’s loyal and loving and won’t suddenly wake up one day and decide that he doesn’t love me anymore, unlike my kids. He’s my constant companion and he’s a great listener and comfort,; he can always sense when I’m upset, sad, hurt, or something’s wrong.He’s always full of kisses, cuddles, and my only source of physical affection and emotional bond. He is my everything. He is the only light, joy, and love in my life. He’s the one that makes me smile and gives me a purpose to get up in the morning. He’s always by my side and if I didn’t have him I’d be so lost, so alone, so desolate, with no one to love me. He really is my buddy. ♥