Girl’s Night.

shoppingGirls The 14 and 16 YR old’s went to the mall with the 23 YR old’s ex-GF. This was their last visit with her before she goes back home to California in a couple of weeks. It was their last time seeing her so they had a Girl’s Night. Even though they split up she’s always felt like a part of our family and the girls have always been really close to her, like a sister, and they’re still friends. They’ve been friends now for some 4-5 years or so. The 11 YR old was also freaking out over his video game and when I told him he was probably just tired and needed to take a break he yelled at me I hope you die! That kid really needs help.

We’re also having this really bad ice-storm all this weekend. Ice pellets and freezing rain, really nasty shit,and treacherous for driving and walking too. This is like winter! What the hell,man, I thought this was spring; the middle of APRIL, unless I put my calendar on the wrong month or something? I also washed my ears out with hydrogen peroxide, so the fizzing bubbles can eat away at my impacted ear wax I always get due to my narrow ear canal. It gets so jammed up in there it affects my hearing even more too and I’m deaf enough already as it is.

GobyBoot.png I also ordered this cool, funky boots which can be my upcoming Mother’s Day gift. That’s the only way I can even get clothes and shoes now; if it’s for a gift, as I have  no $$$ to buy anything. It was supposed to originally be 119$ but it was 74$, plus free shipping so I ordered it now. I just absolutelty love this kind of style and the theme is perfect for me too since I love to travel. My hubby also always belittles and scolds me for having my music and the TV so loud too even though I need it that loud in order to hear it because my hearing is so bad, even with my hearing aids and continues to decline as I notice it’s getting worse and I hate it how he always criticizes me for things I can’t help, such as my medical issues, disabilities,and other things I have no control over and it feels like he’s shaming me and putting me down for being broken and old, even though he’s no “prize” either,and has also gained significant weight over the years, has gotten grey, and has a tummy now,too. It happens to all of us.