DachshundPuppies 3 days ago Patti posted on her Facebook ( the 16 YR old’s checking for puppy news as she blocked me) that her dog’s water broke, signalling labour was imminent, usually within the next 24 hours, and if it goes any longer than that then they are prone to infection due to the open area and would then have to be induced or have a cesarian. So there I was, all excited, waiting and having the 16 YR old keep checking back for updates, and there’s been nothing since. I have a bad feeling about this, esp. going so long and no news. I’m worried that something went wrong and maybe she needed surgery or her and/or the babies died or something and that’s why she’s not posting anything; she’s busy at the vet’s or she’s grieving…

The 16 YR old also said she’s the kind that would be live-streaming the birth  and she’s right; she probably would, yet no further news in 3 days…so did she perhaps just make the whole thing up just to get attention and there never really were any puppies to begin with, or were there complications of some sort ending in a tragic outcome? I hope not though, her dog is so sweet and I’d be broken-hearted if her or her babies died. Even though Patti turned out to be a user, a bitch, and a false friend, I still hope nothing happens to the dogs. Even though she may deserve it( karma) for the way she treated me and what she did to me ( dropping me once she got what she wanted) the dogs still don’t deserve it.

Even though Patti is greedy and hogs the puppies up all herself and acts like they’re all just hers, I’m also going to be a “grandmother” and have as much right to them as she does since they’re also Buddy’s puppies,too yet she’s completely cut me off and it hurts. I was hoping to see them. I wonder as well if maybe something is wrong too as all day Buddy’s been extra anxious and wound-up; he’s been whining alot all day,extra protective and guarding of me, and very agitated,restless, nervous,and acts as though he’s worried or upset about something so maybe he can sense something about his family…..?