Raining Mice.

mice How’s this for bizarre? The 23 YR old, 16 YR old,and 14 YR old were hanging around at the side of the house when I suddenly heard this shrill God-awful scream of bloody murder: it turned out it was the 16 YR old; she was standing near the wall when 4 grey baby mice just descended on her, literally rained down on her, from either the roof or the wall( and there were some clinging onto the side of the house when I got there to see) plopping on her head and landing at her feet, scurrying over her feet and she just freaked out. The next thing I know they were calling me to come catch them as they’re too “scared” to so I grabbed garden gloves and set out to work and when I saw one clinging to the wall I said, Oooh, it’s just a baby! It’s soooo cute!  and tried to gently grab it by the tail( the same way I always catch mice) but much to my surprise the little f*cker leaped off to an incredible distance away, like a flying squirrel, landing on the ground far off and scampered into a hole in the steps; I never knew they could do that; I mean, that sucker can really jump, it was practically airborne!

My sunburn is also peeling now and I feel like a snake shedding it’s skin, and my bloodwork I had done the other day came back(I check my results online) and my liver enzymes are flagged again and are high so maybe my bad “stomach” pain recently isn’t my ulcer back afterall, maybe it’s my liver? I also always feel cold all the time, and have chills and am always shivering, even when it’s nice and warm, even when it’s 17 C. Buddy’s also anxious, agitated, and seems worried and out of sorts: he keeps licking my face, whimpering,and scratching my leg, almost as if he can sense something…

The 16 YR old also got a call from a teen boy who works at the same grocery store she does and he asked her to switch shifts so they’d be on the same shift….he likes her…which I think is sweet, but he happens to be Black and she’s all like ewwww…. being racist and mean.If it were me first of all I’d be happy and flattered that a boy was even interested in me(esp. since they never are) and I’d date anyone that was nice, regardless of race, colour, ethnic background, or religion. We don’t allow the kids to date until they’re 18 anyway and finished high school but I think it was cute how he likes her.

The attack in Toronto on Yonge St. is also the same area the second-oldest lives and works but luckily she wasn’t walking there at the time of the attack, and I was born and raised there too and every weekend my friends and I would always walk down Yonge St.(which used to be really “seedy” back then) to gawk at the freaks that used to frequent the area back in the 80’s, like the crazy people that would talk to themselves out loud, the “bag ladies”, the junkies,the hookers and pimps, or the punks with the spiky blue dyed Mohawk hair( it’s more mainstream now but then it was an oddity) the Hare Krishnas( they’d give out free food) etc. It just goes to show that terrorism can occur anywhere( and it’s racist that since the attacker isn’t Muslim they’re NOT calling it a terrorist attack even though terrorism is defined by the act you commit, no matter who you are, and not by what religion you are) and that nowhere is really safe.