Bowser This is the Bowser character( from the Mario games) costume that my hubby hand made for his cosplay events. He painstakenly worked on it every single day for months and put so much work, time,and effort into it, it was almost an obsession. It turned out really well though but what I don’t get is why he does this and goes thru all that effort for something that he’s just going to wear once or twice. I mean, wouldn’t it be alot easier and save more time and effort if he just bought or rented a costume that came already made?It looks good but I think it’s going to be awfully big, bulky, hot and cumbersome to be wearing it for 8-12 hours a day, esp. walking around in it, and in the summer! He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t pass out from heat stroke!

My stomach and abdomenal pain continues to keep getting worse and now at the level of pain I can hardly tolerate, in fact, so bad that I feel like I’m going to throw up from the pain, and I have explosive diarrhrea for the past 2 days as well and it makes me wonder if maybe I have e-coli esp. since I did eat Romaine lettuce on my sandwich a few days ago and there is an outbreak….it just makes me wonder; it might explain the severe pain and the shits…Or, perhaps maybe something’s on the verge of rupturing, a tumour hiding somewhere, or it’s a pulmonary embolism or something( and I have had this nagging cough for months now) and for the past month or so I’ve been really hungry too so I wonder if it’s a side-effect of my ulcer meds? The 23 YR old also hurt his ankle at jiu-jitsu and it’s swollen and hurts and he can’t bear pressure on it and so I wonder if it’s broken or at least sprained and I told him he should get it checked out but you know how guys are….

My mind is also so out of focus that the other day at the restaurant calling home to tell my hubby we were ready to be picked up I forgot my own phone number and had to ask my mother what it was; there I was, standing there holding the phone in my hand and I went blank and had no idea what number to call…. I just felt so stupid…doing my blog I also make so many mistakes,too, from spelling wrong or leaving entire words out and I always have to correct it; I’m just losing it…all day today Buddy’s also extra anxious and worried too and keeps whimpering and scratching at and licking me all day, and to “spy” on Patti I made up a “ghost” Facebook account(she blocked me, remember?) she’ll never know is from me. I first made up a fake gmail account and then proceeded to make the fake Facebook account so I can access her page. I have to find out updates on Buddy’s puppies somehow yet even after all that she still hasn’t posted since they were born….hhhmmmm… I hope they’re ok…