scleroderma I came across a news article about a guy that had scleroderma and he was scared as it will eventually lead to death from multiple organ failure and his GF scolded him for “overdoing” it and was tired of hearing about his medical issues etc(like how my hubby treats me). and she was advised to be more compassionate…..and then I read the symptoms…oh, my God….it sounds like what  have….. all my mysterious symptoms all lumped into one…. so then I started to wonder if maybe this could be it….could this possibly be the answer? Could this maybe be the cause; what I have?

Scleroderma is an auto-immune disease of the connective tissues  and the body makes too much collagen which not only affects the skin and causes blistering and open sores exactly like the ones I had on my feet and arm and pink and brown “blotchy”  patches of skin just like I have on my head, forehead and neck but also grow on major organs, causing failure, esp. the liver, lungs, kidneys, digestive tract and affect the heart…the same organs I have issue with. It’s also most common in middle-age women. The thing is there’s no cure, just medications to cope with the symptoms and usually you die within 10 years of onset, and I know I’ve had the blotchy thing on my forehead for a few years now.

I’ll mention it to the gastro doc when I see him next, supposed to be this month but I haven’t heard back so I called his office to book an app’t esp.(but it was just the machine so I left a message but no call back yet) as the stomach and abdomenal pain has gotten sooooo bad now ( 8 /10 on the pain scale and going beyond my tolerance point now) every day it’s unbearable(and now Aunt Flow also showed up, 4 days late, so op TOP of that now I have cramps,too!) I want to find out what’s causing me all this endless, daily, agonizing pain.

The 11 YR old was also teasing Buddy endlessly again like he always does and making him bark and then the poor dog gets in trouble for barking and I told them both to quit it and he got really mad and told me, Go kill yourself! That kid truly needs help yet my mother and hubby dismiss it as he’s  just playing with the dog even though he’s clearing teasing him and there’s a difference and the things he says are just downright disturbing but of course no one ever takes anything I say seriously.