Open Windows.

window My hubby didn’t get that job he wanted and applied for, the one he had the interview for last week as they wanted someone more local, who could be right there and be in the office every day, on site, not working remotely from a home office like he does. He said how if we lived closer to the city it would have been possible but at the same time we also can’t afford to live any closer to the city as the houses the closer you get there are all out of our price range. He says he would have alot more opportunities for work if only we could move closer to the city but it’s just not possible due to the high costs so I really don’t know what we’re going to do. Maybe the best solution would be just for him to rent a room in the city somewhere during the week and work and just come home on weekends? He certainly doesn’t want to have to commute the 2 hour-plus drive each way there and back every day to work and yet at the same time there’s no way we can afford to buy a house any closer other than where we already are, so what do we do?

My mother said that when A door closes, a window opens…. and that one ending is another beginning…. indicating that when one opportunity is gone another will show up,and that when one thing is over something new is about to begin; in other words, God provides, which I know He always does, and I’ve also heard a similar expression used meaning the same thing as when one door closes, another opens but my worry is, with our bad luck, what if all of the doors and windows are all closed? What if all of them are all closed and locked up and nothing opens for us? Then what? For other people they have lots of windows and doors that are wide open, and for others some are open and some are closed, but I fear for us that they will always remain closed and never open… and if I ever did walk by an open window my first instinct would be to jump out.