Metaphors Of Life.

windPalms The wind. When I was out in the sun tanning earlier in the day a strong wind came by and it was chillier in the morning and the wind made it colder and it bothered me and I wanted it to stop, yet later on as the sun got hotter the cool strong breeze was a welcome relief and I was glad for it and then the thought occurred to me: the wind was still the same, only the way I was looking at it had changed; it was still the same strong cool wind it was before, only my perspective had changed and I saw it differently even though it was still the same thing it now affected me differently and it got me thinking about trying to apply that concept in life in general: not in all cases, of course, esp. the more extreme ones, but in some circumstances, can simply changing one’s perspective, the way you look at a situation and react to it, make all the difference between something happening in your life being a good thing or a bad thing?  It is what it is, but the way you react and respond to it changes everything?

Like with my hubby losing his job, for instance. We see it as a bad thing; what will we do for $$$$, how are we going to pay the bills, what about drug coverage,do we have to move, etc… but maybe if we try and look at it in another way it’s not so bad; maybe instead it’s just a time of change, of growth, of opportunity, or perhaps even to force us into a necessary change according to God’s plan that we wouldn’t have ordinarily done otherwise and we needed a push? Maybe this is the beginning of a new career path or opportunity for him, perhaps, the incentive we need to move, to downsize, or maybe even my opportunity to  break free of my toxic family and start a new life separate from them? Maybe this is an answer to my prayers of getting out of this toxic environment; perhaps if my hubby moves elsewhere and we stay here, for example, or if the family separates into two separate units and ends up living in two different places, etc…. who knows? Perhaps this will lead my hubby to an even better job elsewhere that he wouldn’t have had otherwise if he hadn’t have lost this one? Instead of it being an end, perhaps it’s a new beginning? Maybe it’s time for change?Maybe what feels stressful and uncertain now will end up being an improvement and blessing later?

I’m going to try this. The wind is like a metaphor of life. It got me thinking if I just try and change my perception that if maybe things can be seen differently, in a different light, from another angle, approached from a different way, viewed from another lens, from another point of view, a different perspective, it might help. This will be very difficult for me though I know as with my Asperger’s I am very rigid in my thinking and I can only  ever think one way or come up with one option as opposed to having more than one solution or way of seeing things and I see things in black and white but I’m going to give it a try. This realization was very enlightening. Instead of trying to change what it is, try and change the way I see it; like the wind; it stayed windy the entire day, that never changed, but what was at one time seen as unwanted and annoying was just shortly later welcomed and appreciated. It hadn’t changed, but the way I was looking at it had.