The Clock Radio.

Clockradio I have this clock radio( similar to the one pictured here) on my bedside table so I can see the time during the night and listen to the radio( the rock station of course) and around 5 am(it was still dark and I was fumbling around, half asleep) I started coughing so I reached over for a drink and my Q-Ray bracelet somehow got caught on the cord of the clock radio and when I jerked my arm away it went flying and landed on the floor and as I fumbled around in the dark, eyes half open, trying to pick it up I must have pushed some buttons as when I retrieved it the time was wrong and kept flashing and the radio channel was gone and it was silent…..oh, f*ck…..just great….just what I need at 5 am when I still want to go back to sleep….

So I put on my mini flashlight and tried fiddling around with it to re-set the time and the radio and it took me 30 minutes to try and figure it out and I finally got the right radio station but the sound was really low, almost non-existant and I had to hold it pressed up close to my ear to even hear it the faintest bit and the clock I couldn’t get as it uses the same buttons to set as the radio and every time I’d try to get the right time I’d lose the radio station so I just gave up on the clock and opted for the music and had my hubby take a look at it later in the day to see if he could fix it since he’s the smart one and he could probably figure it out in like under 5 minutes….

….and so he did, and in no time at all, only instead of doing it upstairs he unplugged it and brought it downstairs and so by the time I had brought it back upstairs and re-plugged it in again the time was wrong again and I still have no idea how to fix it right and he didn’t want to walk upsrairs to fix it again so it still has the wrong time flashing but at least now I have the music back and the volume is louder and I have no idea how he did it as I don’t even see a volume button on it…..but in the process he also somehow set the alarm for 4:50 am so now in the mornings I get blasted awake by this annoying beep and I have no idea how to disable it,either; I pushed the button that looks like a bell I assume is the alarm but it still keeps going off every morning. Shit……why does everythingalways have to be so hard for me all the time?

Speaking of hard and of things always going wrong and never working out for me, I thought trying to grow my sunflowers indoors would keep the seeds safe from being eaten before they could grow….but now the damn mice inside dug out and ate my new seeds so I had to try it yet again,third time, and now I have no seeds left, and this time I elevated them high up on a tall glass tower( balanced high on top of a glass vase in the windowsill as they can’t climb up glass) and put a mouse trap beside it( and I caught one of the little f*ckers today,too!!) so hopefully that will work. WTF though? Why is it so hard just to grow my sunflowers? I mean, all I want is sunflowers! Why is it so hard? My hubby said maybe it’s not meant to be…..not meant to be that I have sunflowers? really? how about more like it’s just something else that doesn’t go right for me….all I want are some sunflowers……it shouldn’t have to be that hard!

The 11 YR old also announced that he’s non-binary and I thought he meant the gender thing( and to tell you the truth I’m not even entirely sure what that term even means) and when I asked him if he even knew what that means and then he  came out with some long complicated math term! Geniuses really freak me out, and child geniuses even more so, my God…I keep seeing these black squares moving all around my computer monitor as well only I don’t know if my computer or monitor that’s the problem or if it’s my eyes, and now I found my music headphones snapped and broken into 3 pieces, obviously NOT an “accident” twice sabotaged, and the 14 YR old was impressed she met an activist who had marched on Parliament Hill thinking it was like climbing a mountain or something, like scaling Everest, and then I told her it just means attending a protest, rally, or demonstration in front of the gov’t buildings in Ottawa, like how I attended that Communist party rally when I was around 19.; it doesn’t mean that you actually marched up a hill.