TwoSides When I was out walking Buddy a guy pulls up along side in a truck and pokes his head out the window and called out to me, How much for your dog? and I was taken aback and recoiled, horrified, and said, No! I wouldn’t sell him for anything! and I quickly scurried back into my house, afraid what if he tried to steal him or something, and then only later the thought occurred that maybe he wasn’t really asking how much I wanted for him, as in he was interested in buying him, but rather, he was asking how much I paid for him, that perhaps he was interested in getting a Dachshund too and wanted to know how much they cost and then I wondered which of the two he meant and if it was yet another Asperger’s Moment where I misinterpret and misunderstand what’s been said to me or asked of me, and it also got me thinking once again how perspective is everything; how you look at things, see things and interpret things, makes such a difference.

Another example would even be with Buddy himself: to the scared chipmunks he relentlessly hunts, chases, and scares he would be seen as this big scary, mean, imposing, threatening, fierce killing machine….yet to me he’s the complete opposite; he’s the sweetest, most loving, affectionate dog and best friend and companion I could ever ask for, so it all depends on the circumstances and how you see it as it relates to you. Like those guys in the Mafia, for example,too; to the authorities they are lawless, ruthless, murdering criminals, yet in their own families they can be the best fathers to their children who see them in a totally different way even though it’s the same person, and so, along those same lines, even though I see myself as this fat, crazy,ugly, worthless, dumb, boring, bald old woman perhaps to someone else, to the right person, they may see me as something completely different and even be intrigued by me and see me as this wild, funky, free-spirited, bold, fascinating bald and tattooed woman with an unbelievable, bizarre life…..maybe there really is hope that someone out there will see something in me someday; that to the right person I will be appealing and interesting; I just have to meet the right person and they just have to see me from another perspective.

As well, the new people who bought G.P’s former house have….gasp!…..horrors!…..cut down the lilac bush at the side of their house( who would ever do  such a thing? Who would want to get rid of such a beautiful thing?) and I saw the poor desolate remains of it piled up in the back of a truck and it was the saddest sight to see and while walking Buddy I also noticed that 4 neighbours on the street have boats in their driveways on trailers as well,too, getting reading for boating season, and I’m testing foods too like the gastro doctor suggested to see which ones worsen my irritable bowel and dairy and grains are really bad, and my diet is practically 90% grains(toast, bread, muffins, pasta, oatmeal,tortillas, buns, cereal, etc.) so this isn’t good; if I eliminate grains and dairy there won’t be much for me to even eat; just meat, fruit and veggies… maybe that’s also why I’m having the weight loss all along too, due to the gastro issues?

My hubby and the kids (except for the youngest) are also all away at an anime convention near Toronto all weekend as well so I have a nice quiet weekend with hardly anyone here other than my mother, the 11 YR old,and Buddy, so I’m getting a break as well with hardly anyone here so it’s like a little mini-vacation for me,too!

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