Picture Day.


Here are my hubby and some of the kids at the Anime North convention in Toronto over the weekend in their home-made cosplay costumes. The only one I recognize is my hubby as Bowser from the Mario Bros. games series and I have absolutely no idea who any of the others are supposed to be or where they’re even from but they look good, whatever they’re supposed to be. I had a nice quiet break with most people gone all weekend as well and didn’t have to always rush, check the time, prepare food, plan what I had to do next and when, etc. I could just chill out. I could have a nice long bath and I even got hot water,too!

Today is also one of the kids’ birthdays; she’s 19, and I have the unfortunate combination of both abdomenal pain from my IBS and cramps from Aunt Flow,too,and it’s so bad that I break out into a sweat and feel nauseated from the pain, and my latest weed order arrived in the mail as well and my renewed license came with it as well for my medical prescription, only I almost didn’t see it hidden in the side of the box and almost threw it out! I always wondered too if the mail carrier knows what’s in that unmarked parcel; if they ever have any idea whatsoever that it’s actually really and truly legal marijuana?

SwampPool2018 The pool guys also came and opened it for the season and at first it looked green and murky, like Shrek’s swamp but then after circulating a few hours and with all the chemicals in it quickly started to clear up, and faster than usual; normally it takes weeks, if not a month, maybe even longer, to get it blue, or even blue-ish(instead of green) but this time it’s clearing up really well and really fast. I’m grateful for small miracles.I also noticed we’d had low water pressure(like for having a bath) and it ran out slowly for the past 3 days too and wondered why and then my hubby discovered the hose had been left on and running for 3 days, very most probably likely by me, and I hate myself for being so dumb and forgetful(I’ve also been known to leave on the stove or forget to dis-arm the security system and then open the door) too; it makes me feel like such a fop, and now my stupidity is going to cost us alot of $$$$$ (we don’t have) as well when the water bill comes in!

Pool2018 Here’s how it looks now, and my mother complained it still looks green, but not compared to how it first was before,and you can see for yourself by comparing the 2 photos. I think it actually looks pretty good, esp. considering what it usually looks like and how long it normally takes to get it looking like this. Now we just have to wait for the freezing cold water to warm up and it needs to be vacuumed too as there’s lots of sludge and debris settled on the bottom after the winter(even though it was covered) but I just remembered that our pool vacuum broke at the end of last summer…..oh, shit….and my mother and hubby say this is the “last” time we’ll open the pool but they always say that every year, although if we do end up having to move then it actually might be, and  funny as well, when the pool guys were here Buddy and I were out back as well, on the porch swing in the yard and Khia’s My Neck, My Back came blaring thru on my iPod, and, in case you didn’t know, it’s a really, really raunchy song and I was just hoping that they couldn’t hear it….HA! I wonder what they’d think? Not exactly something they’d expect coming out of a middle-aged woman’s song selection! 😀


It was my cousins'(seen here) 24th wedding anniversary yesterday as well but they’ve been a couple actually for 29 years and now have 2 kids, aged 14 and 16. They’re coming up to visit us in July actually, and all their Canadian relatives. They’ll be in this country for 9 days (not very long coming all that way from Europe) and visiting us for a day. We’re going to have a pool party and BBQ! I just hope it doesn’t rain that day but with our luck it probably will. I also think it’s kind of unusual that I have this Facebook friend who’s Black and she’s also a vegan(like the 16 YR old) and it seems to me that it’s just more of a crazy white people thing; you know, the kind of thing that Black people shake their heads at and laugh at; Crazy Things White People Do, and I still do wonder if my hubby maybe really is poisoning me too as my genetic diagnosis still doesn’t explain the seizures  or the fainting, just the liver, gastric, and breathing issues, plus poisoning would also cause liver, kidney and gastric issues as well plus my debilitating fatigue and   increasing forgetfulness.