She’s Gone! Yippee!!

KathleenWynne BEST news ever: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has conceded the election and stepping down! Yay! Finally! What took her so long? Her Liberal gov’t is is the most corrupt, cover-up. lying, scheming, hated, lowest-rated in history, and polls are showing their ratings are so low that they might not even get any seats at all at election time( which is on the 7th) and may not even have enough votes to maintain party status! Ha, ha! So, in order to give her Liberal Party even the slightest possible chance in the election( even though they know there’s no possible way they’re going to win they’re hated so much and people are fed up with all the scandals, high taxes, high hydro rates, corruption, cover-ups, etc.) or more so that it might be less likely neither of her rivals will be able to form a majority gov’t (hoping more people might still vote Liberal if she’s no longer the leader)she has decided to step down, much to the delight and relief of everyone all across the province, myself included; I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it on the news; I was like, Really? Is this for real? This is the best day ever! I bet now everyone will be out dancing in the streets, shooting off fireworks, having a huge party in celebration; the wicked witch is gone!! I have to say I didn’t see it coming but I’m so glad! We’ve all waited for this day for a very long time!! Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you old shit bag!

I saw her resignation announcement on the news and she was practically crying and looked so broken and so soul-crushed I actually felt sorry for her, even though she brought it all upon herself and has no one to blame but herself. Her gov’t has turned Ontario from a Have province into a Have-Not province all the while seemingly oblivious as to her unpopularity and to why everyone hates her and wants change but seeing her announcement today made me wonder if the soul-less demon maybe does have feelings afterall?. It’s so good now she’s gone and now it’ll either be the PC or NDP that will win the election and I’m ok with either one, although I prefer the NDP as they are Socialist and they promise free prescription drugs and dental care for everyone, but like I’ve always said, Anyone other than the Liberals. Now the Liberals will have to get a new leader(just as the PC’s just did as well) and whoever it is will be no different though; they’re all the same; different face, same policies.