More Drama.


As if we don’t already have enough drama in our lives already we have yet more again: my mother called 911 and took an ambulance to the ER as she had really severe pain in her right side/back. It was worse when she sat and she wanted to lay down and figured if she went by ambulance at least she’d be able to lie down and not have to sit and wait for hours in the waiting room. I thought it was a bit extreme and over-doing it and thought my hubby should have just driven her as 911 should only be used for true emergencies, like if you got shot or stabbed, were in an accident, or having a heart attack, stroke, a fire, etc. but she’s always been one for drama and being a diva, so I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised.

My guess, based on the location of the pain and the way she was carrying on about it, telling the paramedics describing the pain as The worst pain I’ve had in my life, even worse than labour, 9 out of 10 on the pain scale, you’d think she was dying and I suspected either a rupturing appendix or gallbladder( esp. with the history of gallbladder issues on her side of the family) but…get this….it just turned out after all that( they did an ultrasound of her abdomen) to be a pulled muscle, or at least that’s what they figure as they ruled out any growths, obstructions, inflammations, ruptures, infections,stones,etc. All that just for a pulled muscle? They gave her a muscle relaxant but she says the pain is no better, so either they missed something( which wouldn’t be too surprising given this Bumble F*ck town) or else she’s just over-reacting. When I had my gallbladder attacks mine was full of stones and on the verge of rupture by the time they finally took it out and it was painful, enough to wake me during the night, yet even so I still only rated it a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale but I have been told I have a high pain tolerance though,too.In comparison, I rate surgery recovery a 9, my migraines a 10 and labour a 12.

She was there about 4 hours or so and during the entire time dark thoughts crept thru my mind such as What if it’s cancer or something and she dies? How will that affect our move, when the house is in her name? It’s just that so many things depend on other things and one alteration complicates so many other things yet I know thru it all that God has a plan for us and our lives and that He will guide us where we need to be and to the house that’s meant for us in the right place at the right time. My hubby at first said to look at houses in Markham, Mississauga and Brampton as well but they were all waaay out of our price range so then he said Kingston or Hamilton and I did find quite a few that were within our price range that I liked, but then he found out there’s no office in Kingston and the commute is longer from Hamilton than he originally thought so now he said he was talking with co-workers who said that Halton Hills and Georgetown are good places and the prices are “reasonable” so I checked online at houses there….

holy f*ck…..they consider 700K-800K and up to a million$ and beyond to be reasonable? That’s what houses go for in that area.”Reasonable” for who?Millionares? Certainly not for us! They only things in our range there(other than apartments or townhouses) were a restaurant and a vacant plot of land; just the land, no house, and as much as I love being outside it doesn’t mean that I actually want to live outside…talk about “roughing it”…it’s all just so uncertain; we don’t even know where we’re going to live and the problem is where we can afford is always farther out, too far a commute to his work, but anything closer is out of our price range.What are we going to do? Maybe he’ll just have to get a place there, rent a room during the week on his own, and we stay put and he comes and visits on weekends? That might also be an answer to my prayer; if I see much less of him it’s almost like living a separate life like I want; to get away from my toxic family…