Holy Shit, Our Old House!


This photo appeared in the Toronto Star newspaper following the massive storm the other day(we got 29 mm rain in just 20 minutes and 90 km wind) and when I saw it I exclaimed, That’s my old house! It never gave the exact address but I recognized it right away. It just has a few changes(new windows at the front livingroom and brick border along the lawn) over the past 35 years or so but I’d recognize it anywhere and in the news article it did say it was in the Upper Beaches area which was where we lived and on the TV news they said the worst of the storm damage hit Gerrard and Woodbine Sts and that’s our old neighbourhood so it must be! When I look closer at the photo in more detail the garage at the back and the neighbour’s next door is the same as well so it must be our old house!

When we lived there(the house was 85 when we lived there) my mother and I always wondered if and when that big tree in the front of the house might come crashing down one day onto the house during a storm…..well, it looks like it finally has, along with tearing up the entire lawn with it. I showed my mother this photo and she agreed that it sure looks like our old house and she thinks it is too.It was the strangest thing though, to see my old house in the newspaper, and to see what happened to it after that big storm. Hopefully whoever lives there now has insurance that will cover it. When we moved I know a doctor bought it but I don’t know who might have it now; I’m sure it must have gone thru a few owners since 1984 when I left.

As well, the 15 YR old starts her new job today but it’s not actually a job technically since it’s volunteer. It’s working at a thrift store(I call the Peasant Store) that sells second-hand stuff run by Bibles For Missions, and I hope she likes it and it will be good for her; good for her to get out and socialize, good for her confidence and hopefully help in her recovery which is going really well, and I transplanted my sunflowers outside into the garden and I hope they take root and grow strong and survive and don’t end up trampled by the raccoons, dug up by the squirrels, eaten by the birds or bugs, etc.and my hubby told me the second-oldest wants to get a motorcycle and has ever since she was 16. I remember when my friend G used to take me out for rides on his motorcycle when I was 21. It was so much fun, so exhilarating and I just loved it.My mother’s MRI is also booked for the third week of July and she laments, I don’t think I can hold on that long….. and maybe also by then it will just  resolve and heal up by itself and there won’t even be anything left to show up on the MRI so she still won’t find out what’s causing her pain!

My hubby also chewed me out because I forgot to put the oven mitt back in the kitchen when I took it into another room to carry hot food even though I’m the one busy doing all the cooking, laundry, washing dishes, doing garbage and recycling, etc. while he does nothing around the house so if it really bothers him that much then he can put it away himself, or else he can do all my  work instead while I take the time to put the oven mitt away, the bastard! It’s like he looks for every little thing he can find to criticize me and put me down for, to pick apart and tear me apart and he jumps at every single thing I do wrong or forget in order to mock, berate and demean me. He also had the kids clean their mess in the rec-room preparing to move and they’re throwing everything out, even perfectly good toys and clothes that could be donated to the less-fortunate and it makes me sad; we spent good money on them and they just throw them out? Things should be divided into 3 piles: throw out, keep, and donate, but they just blindly throw everything out(because it’s faster and easier) without even checking to see what it is or who it belongs to.