Screenshot_898 I have always loved reading, been a voracious reader, and been good at reading and I owe my love of books and reading to Mr. Whiskers. I will always remember Mr. Whiskers. It was the reading book I was the first to graduate to reading in my grade 1 class after completing the other book. I think it was actually supposed to even be a grade 2 reader from what I remember. I still remember the feeling of accomplishment of it, and of always being told by my teachers what a good reader I was, and always being called on to read aloud, and I always was able to read with ease and have always loved books and reading and I still do. Language has always been my strong point, probably explains why I’ve always been able to learn other languages with such ease. I also remember in grade 6 I did a reading marathon for charity and was one of the top ones in my class and I won a fuzzy pink tennis ball. I have now also passed on my love of reading to some of my kids and nothing beats an old-fashioned book, the feel and smell of it, holding it in my hands and turning the pages. I will never read an e-book or anything like that. I just love reading and I love books. We have so many books at our house the book shelves are actually overflowing!

Screenshot_897 We’re having a heatwave here and for the next week or so as well. Tomorrow it’s even supposed to get up to 35 C and feel like 45 C. I really wish the pool was working!! Yesterday was also a day I thought and hoped I might die,too, only I didn’t and am disappointed to find that I’m still here. I really had my heart set on it and I was excited and looking forward to it, sort of like the day you’re all set to leave for a trip and then as the day progressed and nothing happened and I felt fine(other than abdomenel pain and headache, the usual) I began to doubt anything was going to happen; it was just going to be another normal usual day, just like any other, although I still held out hope as I did still have until Midnight, but just my luck, nothing happened.Shit.

My mother had an adventure last night though in the middle of the night: she got up to go to the bathroom but didn’t put the light on as she doesn’t want to wake up and she somehow missed the toilet trying to sit down and slipped off and fell onto the floor, landing on her side and hitting her head and she laid there for quite awhile, wedged in and somehow stuck, until she was finally able to free herself and no one else was up and awake to help her. It reminds me of that commercial about the old people, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

The 15 YR old also got a parcel in the mail yesterday and it felt like a bunch of wires and I thought it was a bomb,and the lump under Buddy’s eye looks bigger today and it feels rubbery and hard, so maybe it’s a cyst, at least I hope that’s all it is and sometimes I get this uneasy feeling that he doesn’t have much time left; that he’s dying soon, and I hope it’s just a fear and not actual  reality, but just in case I’m making sure I do all the things he loves and enjoys with him and give him all his fave foods and cuddle him as much as I possibly can so he knows how loved he is and so that he can enjoy what time he does have left and that I can make his last days as happy as possible. I don’t even want to think of the possibility of losing him though, he means so much to me and loves me like no one else ever has and is the best friend I’ve ever had, and the only joy in my life.That little dog is my whole world. I just hope I die first, before him, that God grants me that mercy; I couldn’t bear to lose him. He’s really the only emotional support I’ve got.