The Hole.

HolePool2018 This is the big hole in the pool deck as the pool guy’s back again trying to find the leak underground in the pipes.I hope he can find it and repair it, and without it costing a fortune because we just don’t have it. My hubby’s always saying how the pool’s such an expense we should just fill it in and one of my Facebook friends said she actually did do that; when she had the pool in Oklahoma they had an underground leak as well and they weren’t able to locate it and it would cost so much $$$$ in the process trying to find it and then fix it that she just had it filled in because they wanted to sell the house and were in a hurry to get it listed. She said they broke apart the concrete and filled it all in with dirt. She didn’t remember how much it exactly cost but she said it was less than continuing on with trying to find the leak. Our pool’s really big and deep though; 20 X 40 feet and 9 feet at the deep end….that would be lots of dirt to fill it in, I’d hate to think of the cost. Why does this always happen to us though? All these repairs, expenses, setbacks, and obstacles that we just don’t have the $$$$ for and can’t afford?

My mother also said we’re NOT going to move unless it saves us $$$, by down-sizing and having less expenses at a smaller house, such as less property taxes and costs less to heat the house and such, but we won’t be if we haven’t got the $$$$ for moving expenses( realestate agent fees, legal fees, house inspector, taxes, movers, connection fees,etc) and if we don’t get more for this house than we have to pay for the next one, which by the looks of things, doesn’t look very likely as everything else is way more expensive than what we’ll get selling this one,and even if it’s the same and we just break even we still won’t have the $$$$ for the other moving expenses.

My stomach ulcer pain is also back again now and I have a splitting headache,too, and I wasn’t able to go to church yesterday either as it was 28 C with a humidex of 37 C (and hot and sunny,too, not overcast or breezy to cool it down a bit) and it was waaay too hot to walk in that; we also had an extreme heat warning and I know I would have gotten heatstroke and passed out and my hubby wasn’t back from Toronto in time to drive me and never bothered to make the effort because it’s just something for me and no one gives a shit and it’s never a priority. It’s been a week since I first got my excruciating abdomenal pain as well and every day since then I’ve been so extremely tired too I have to have a nap every afternoon and today I was almost drifting off to sleep when I was suddenly jolted awake by what felt like something landing with a thud! and bouncing off my bed, but it turned out that it was just Buddy jumping up on my bed and I startled awake and opened my eyes and saw that it was just him and I smiled, reached out for him and he licked my hand and snuggled down next to me and we both fell asleep. Too bad a person like him doesn’t exist; that would be my soul mate and would give me the same love, devotion, loyalty, companionship, bond, connection, friendship, affection, and closeness.