The Intruder.

Screenshot_1190 I noticed that Buddy’s food, which had been left out overnight( while he was in my room during the night, in bed asleep and not even downstairs all night) had disappeared. Something had eaten it. This made me suspicious that we had something in the house. Some kind of wild animal that must have snuck inside somehow one time when one of the doors was open. It must have quickly ran in unnoticed. I’ve also noticed that his kibble had been quickly disappearing lately as well….and then it hit me: we have something in the house!

It all added up: Buddy’s odd behaviour lately: the missing food, why Buddy’s appeared to be so anxious,nervous,stressed, and bothered recently, why going for a walk around the side of the house he sniffs a trail intently and then will now only go part way for the past while and then stop at the bush,look up at me with intense, sad eyes and refuse to proceed any further, as if there’s this invisible wall there he won’t cross, and he pulls on the leash and runs the other direction, signalling for me to turn back, as if warning me there’s something bad there, and why he’s always acting so hungry and losing weight( I’d assumed his food was gone he was eating, but maybe not; maybe something else was stealing his food all along and he wasn’t getting any) and eating everything he can find off the floor and “telling” me he needs more to eat, and also what bit his tail…and maybe also what happened to his eye….maybe he got scratched or something…and why I hear the odd thump or yelp from him and he hides in fear under my bed or the couch…..he was trying all along to tell me…

We had an intruder. He was under siege, having his food raided, and being attacked in his own home.

and I was right.

At first I thought it was just my paranoia, or just my suspicious nature or hallucinating again, but I was right. I suspected most likely a cat or a raccoon, although it could have been a skunk, fox, coyote, or anything. Then, as I was opening up the back door to let Buddy in from the yard I saw from behind me this cat quickly dart by and run from the kitchen, from inside our house, out the back door! It was so fast, in a flash, but I saw it; it was mainly black with some copper colouring on it,and it looked pretty big too! I’m just glad it ran out of the house, and hopefully now it won’t come back in, and we’ll have to be extra watchful and careful now that we don’t leave any of the doors open and that when we do open the door, even to just do going in or out or even to just quickly look for mail, that we look and make sure nothing quickly sneaks in again! The 15 YR old jokes that the intruder is some homeless guy but why would a person bite Buddy’s tail or eat his food off a plate on the floor when he would much prefer to just raid our fridge?

I also had a dream we move in October, which would give me one last summer to enjoy in my backyard( seen from the view here from the porch swing). I love how over-grown the trees etc. are. it makes it feel so secluded, private,and cut off from the rest of the world; my own private, hidden oasis, like I’m contained safe in my own little cocoon hidden away in my little safe corner of the world, safe from the outside, and I like it in my own little world. It’s peaceful, safe, spiritual, and where I can escape to, to be free and just float away, lost in my own imagination. I really love sitting out in my backyard. It’s my fave. place in the house and my sanctuary and private, special place. I’m really going to miss it if we move.  😦