New iPod And Computer.

Ipod2018 I got a new iPod. My old one was something like 3-4 years old and was just falling apart and literally being held together by DuctTape. Of course I don’t have the $$$$ for it because I’m poor and broke but I desperately needed one as I need it for my music when I go out or travel and for my camera so my mother lent me the $$$ (I hope she doesn’t charge interest!) and I pay her back each month. This one I got was gold and I got Music is life  by Bob Marley engraved on it. My mother scoffed, This time, take better care of it which was hurtful and insulting as I did take good care of it, unlike the kids who always drop theirs and crack their screens (my screen didn’t even have a scratch on it) mine just wore out from wear and tear from usuage and it basically over-heated and melted in the sun and came unglued and the button just fell off and now it also takes forever for the battery to charge too and only lasts 30 minutes or so when it used to last 2-3 hours. It’s just old.

OldiPod1 Here is my old one, just held together with DuctTape. Poor sad thing, really.


OldiPod2 Here it is again, from another shot.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the exact same day the new iPod arrived and I plugged it in trying to transfer my over 1000 songs from my iTunes on my computer over onto my new iPod my computer crashed, and it crashed hard; I mean really bad. It was the hard drive, and I don’t know much about computers but I think that’s one of the worst things to have die on a computer, and my hubby was taking his sweet time fixing it( because something for me is never a priority) and he never bothered to back up and save and transfer any of my stuff either but it all got deleted and erased so I had to start over but luckily for me Google Chrome had all my bookmarks and passwords saved, thank God but I still lost all my pictures, documents, etc.

Of course it isn’t that easy to just plug in the new iPod and have the music transfer over either.At least not for me,anyway. Something went wrong like it always does for me and the new iPod kept rejecting my password and locked me out and when I finally did sync it up with the computer and got the songs off the old iPod onto the computer and tried to transfer them to the new iPod only a few songs loaded and the rest didn’t, so as it is now I have this new iPod I’m only able to use as a camera and I’m still listening to music on the old one because that’s where all the songs are and I can’t figure out how to get them onto the new one and no one wants to help me.

F*ck, I hate my life. Nothing ever goes right or works out for me. Life is hard when you’re stupid and everything is always a struggle. All I want is music on my new iPod. Why does it have to be so hard?