Swim Day.

Screenshot_10 It’s so oppressively hot out yesterday and today it feels like 40 C with the humidex, so it was a perfect day for swimming. The water was actually warm but when I went under my eyes started burning  and when I came out I noticed I had a red rash and hives all over my arms, legs and tops of feet. Oh, just great. My nose was also running and I was sneezing so there must be something in the water so we put more “shock” (liquid chlorine) in. I just hope it’s not some kind of bacteria and that I don’t end up with an infection of some sort; nose, throat, eyes, etc. I hosed off when I came out and took a Benadryl and it went away.

Normally when someone swims there’s an adult supervising, generally me since neither my mother or hubby can swim, but whenever I go in swimming it’s usually by myself and no one ever bothers to check in on me to make sure that I’m ok; even though I’m a strong swimmer I could still hit my head, or have a medical issue or something and go under and drown and no one would ever know or even care.I enjoy the privacy,solitude, and freedom  having the pool to myself (and I prefer to be alone) but the fact that no one cares enough to be my swim buddy, or sit out with me to make sure I’m ok or to at least poke their head out every now and then to check I’m not floating face-down or laying motionless sunk down to the bottom is upsetting.


Walking home from church yesterday I also took this photo of sunflowers growing in a garden I pass by along the way. They have so many of them, dozens, in their garden every year. I wish I knew how they do it. I can’t even successfully grow one sunflower. I’m such a flop. I tried to take more photos as well but the dumb iPod was screwing up and it ended up recording a video instead of taking photos and I didn’t know how to get it back.As a car drove past as I was walking along someone also stuck their head out the window and called out to me( as I was the only one on the sidewalk) Hey! I love your skirt! I was wearing a multi-colour long silk skirt.