Epic Bruise.

Screenshot_70 Check out my epic bruise! This is what the blood clot in my varicose vein in my leg I had yesterday has turned into now, this massive bruise. It was a hard, hot, painful lump yesterday and it hurt when I was trying to sleep, turning over and changing position in bed hurt, but when I woke up the lump had dissolved by itself, the clot had broken up and changed into the bruise and now it just feels achy like a normal bad bruise but it’s gigantic; 4 inches across and 5 inches long!

Screenshot_72 The photo doesn’t even really do it justice; it’s actually a much deeper, darker purple in real life but a glare of light seems to be reflecting off the picture and makes it appear lighter than it actually is. I must say, it’s quite impressive, and to be this visible thru my suntan is quite something. I can only imagine how much of a more brilliant dark purple it would appear in the winter on my pale pasty white-girl skin! This has got to be one of my best bruises ever! One of my friends said I should see the doctor but knowing him he’d just shrug and say, It’s just a bruise. Leave it alone. It’ll clear up on it’s own.

I also figured if Patti is coming around again the reason would be obvious: it’s been 6 months since her dog and Buddy mated and she got pregnant and she’d be in heat again so the bitch probably is hoping I’d fall for it again; to resume the friendship, thinking she can just use me, betray me and dump me, and then just come back and pick up where she left off as if nothing happened and have the dogs mate again for another litter of puppies but even I’m not so stupid. She just used me to get the puppies and then dumped me once she got what she wanted and I’m not stupid enough to bother with her ever again. I don’t need people like that! Buddy’s such a good boy too when I was napping and he had to go out he came up to my face and put his nose right up to me, and licked my eyes and nose, waking me up, telling me he had to go, instead of doing it in the house.

It’s also convenient too how my mother said her back pain( which has resumed and it will be a week tomorrow it’s been back) lasts during the daytime but always seems to clear up around 5 pm and be ok in the evening and night….. once all the work is done for the day, such as cooking, laundry, dishes, garbage, etc… I think she’s using it as an excuse to just get out from having to do anything around the house and to have me take over everything so she doesn’t have to do anything. I’ll help do her regular work but I refuse to feed the squirrels like she does( she’s obsessed with them,actually) because the little f*ckers killed my sunflower seedlings and they can starve for all I care, so, despite being in so much supposed pain and agony she still got up and fed them. What happened to being bedridden and unable to do anything?Hmmmm…..