Screenshot_78 Allow me to introduce my latest creation: Porkaroni! It’s just like Beefaroni, only without the beef, with pork instead of beef. We didn’t have any beef and I needed to find a way to use the left-over ground pork(as we can’t afford to waste food) so voila! Porkaroni! It doesn’t really taste much different, except that I got busy and absent-minded like always and forgot to put it in the fridge and left it out on the kitchen counter all night and it went all rotten during the night and in the morning had this rancid smell so I ended up throwing the rest out, the serving I was planning on having for lunch. Shit. Figures.

Screenshot_81 The Daily Bruise: Day 4: now the bruise on my leg from the ruptured blood clot on the varicose vein looks like this, with some cool-looking red criss-cross lines on it and starting to turn yellow-ish and heal along the outer edges. I also discovered that after weed my thought processes are so slowed down, altered, and defunct that I have trouble spelling and reading as well: I couldn’t for the life of me read the word peace for some reason and was really struggling with it. I kept thinking it said peach and then couldn’t figure out what happened to the h on the end, why it was missing,so then I reasoned that maybe it was the French word for peach, and then kept expecting to see,and pronounce, a “ch” in there somewhere and got really frustrated trying to find it and trying to sound out what the word could possibly be as I didn’t recognize it, and then after quite awhile it finally “clicked” and it dawned on me….Oh… wait a minute…..stupid!…..PEACE…..it’s PEACE……duuuhhhh….. I also found out that it becomes very complicated to try and sort out recycling into 3 separate bins as tins, plastic, and paper after having consumed weed as well and while the tins were still easy enough to identify I found it hard to distinguish between paper and plastic and which was which. Such an ordinarily simple task became so complicated. 😀