The Daily Bruise: Day 5.

Screenshot_111 Day 5 of my epic bruise and it’s still a good one, still a nice purple but it looks smaller and now with more yellow-ish parts mixed in with it, a sign of healing. In real life it looks even better; even more a darker purple; it looks worse in real life than the photo shows. Mighty impressive, I must say.My friend W in Ottawa urges me to go to the doctor but who goes to the doctor for a bruise? Nothing more or interesting new to report. All I basically did today was go for a swim, had a nap ( it was another long, hot, hazy day with the humidex near 40 C) and suntanned, soaking up and enjoying these last weeks left of summer. I also cut my hair.

Screenshot_112 Here are also some cool hairstyles I like, the usual Buzz-cut and funky ultra-short styles I like and have myself.