The Creature.

Screenshot_143 I’m still sure we still have some sort of wild creature hiding somewhere in our house. The test food that I leave out overnight is always gone in the morning and I know it’s not Buddy because he’s always up in my room with me and the door’s closed all night. Plus, today he got scared shitless: something was chasing him and possibly trying to either attack or eat him,and whatever it was it scared the bejesus out of him! I hadn’t seen him for awhile so I went looking for him and when I got to the play room he suddenly came scrambling out of someplace towards me at warp speed, hind quarters and tail tucked underneath him, his stubby little legs running as fast as they can, with this terrified look on his face and leaped into my arms, shivering in fear, heart thumping, and he just clung to me in fear, his claws digging into me, he was just so scared; something was after him! When I later asked him where the bad thing that hurt you was he kept going over to the wall with the shelves, stood there barking, so maybe it’s hiding somewhere behind there?

For the rest of the day he was extra scared, clingy, vigilant, and paranoid as well and wouldn’t leave my side. He would even come upstairs with me, into the bathroom with me, etc. even places he normally wouldn’t and would normally just wait for me downstairs; it’s like he was really scared and didn’t want to be left anywhere alone, needing me beside him to protect him,afraid it was going to come for him again. Poor dog, he must be so afraid. I know how he feels though and can relate; just how I felt trying to avoid the bullies in school.

I do have a rat trap set up I leave out at night(Buddy tried to venture into it for the bait during the day but I don’t want to catch a Dachshund!) but maybe it’s something bigger though, like a cat or a raccoon,and it won’t venture in as it knows it’ll get stuck? At first I even wondered if maybe my family was playing a trick on me; by just throwing out the food at night having me think something was eating it, but Buddy was  definitely really frightened of something and something did really happen to him,and before something did bite his tail,too, and that’s probably what happened to his eye,too; it got scratched or something…so I know this can’t be my imagination this time….

Screenshot_142 Walking home from church the kind elderly man I talk to and that always has kind comments for me also gave me this: a gladiola! I love them! Wasn’t that nice? That guy always makes my day. His wife has this big beautiful garden. They also have sunflowers too and I asked their secret on how to grow them so well and he said she just has a Green Thumb, and surprised me as well by telling me that sunflowers will return and come up again in the garden year after year; you don’t have to keep re-planting them! Of course, that is, assuming that you can grow them in the first place, which doesn’t work for me. The 17 YR old also went to Wonderland amusement park with a friend, and the Edmonton Boys (the oldest and the 20 YR old) are moving soon as well: I’ve been told to a nice apartment with a gym, hot tub, etc.

Screenshot_146 I also put this photo up as this has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen: it’s a baby beaver! Isn’t it just precious and adorable?

Screenshot_139 The Daily Bruise: Day 8. It’s been this long and it still looks this good! I wonder how long it will take to heal up completely? Just my typical luck as well: just as I was about to post my blog yesterday; literally it was just a minute before, and my Internet shut down. I mean, it just shut off. So I was freaking out but luckily I had the post saved because weird shit like this happens to me all the time and something will often go wrong and my posts get deleted so I always save it before I post it so I always have a back-up, and so my hubby( who is the computer whiz) looked at it and said the Internet was working fine for everyone else’s computer; it was just mine it wouldn’t connect to. It figures. So he had to do a temporary fix running this big long cable cord thing all thru the room and down the hall, until he was able to go out and buy the part he needed. Why do these things always happen to me? I have the worst luck ever! I seriously think I must be cursed.