I saw THIS on the sidewalk this morning, and it wasn’t alone; it had friends! An orange maple leaf….it’s changed colour, it’s dead….it’s…..almost fall! Summer’s almost over!!! My heart just sank and I let out a sad sorrowful sigh of resignation at the thought . I just wanted to scream. I’m not ready yet. I’m just not ready.refuse. I’m not ready for summer to end and I refuse to allow it to be fall already. It’s too soon. It’s not time yet. I’m not ready for summer to be over. I won’t give in. I just won’t.

The kids also pulled yet another prank on me: my hubby told me that he thought we’d caught something overnight in the rat trap we had set out so I went over to look, even though I had doubts as it wasn’t making a racket or moving around , and I found…. a fake rubber rat! The kids had put it in there as a joke. Ha,ha, very funny. Actually, it’s funnier than you think: when I was around 12 I did a similar prank on my mother: I glued hair onto a squeaky rubber rat and hid it somewhere in the dark and it freaked her out. Where do my kids think they get their pranking genes from?  😀  Speaking of which, both the 17 YR old and I heard Buddy let out a loud yelp, as if something may have bitten him, or maybe he stepped on something or got poked by something, but we both did hear it, so I know that I wasn’t hallucinating.At least not this time.

The plumber had to come as well as something was leaking under the sink and where it connects to the dishwasher. I never even knew the dishwasher was connected to the sink….I know…where do you think it gets the water from?…. I know….I know…. I’m dumb…..I just never thought about it…. it turned out to be just a simple loose clamp or something that needed to be tightened and I would have thought my hubby could have done that himself( shit, even I probably could have myself and I’m the least technical and least mechanical person on Earth!) but he said he didn’t have the right tool for it.

My mother commented too about my love for clawfoot tubs, Maybe we’ll find a place(another house if we move) that has a clawfoot tub! so sometimes she does consider moving but not too often as realistically we just can’t afford it and we wouldn’t be likely to sell this house,either as houses in order to be “staged”, shown and sold for a good price have to always be so pristine, so clean, so perfect, and we’re just so, not! We’re messy, sloppy disorganized pigs with mess, junk, clutter, and crap all over the place and we could never clean it up to those  ridiculously unrealistic expectations( I mean, we have a large family! When you have kids you have clutter, crap and mess!) we’re the total opposite and even no matter how hard we clean it will still never pass inspection!

I had a dream as well I heard a voice speak to me, It breaks easily for such a big heart. talking about me, and when I questioned how I have a big heart, esp. with my family always saying what a horrible, awful person I am, it replied because of  how deeply I feel for other people, how I can empathize and care so much,even for complete strangers,such as those on my Prayer List, carrying other people’s pain and sorrow, bearing their burdens as my own,feeling other people’s pain and having such profound sympathy, grief and loss as if it was my own self, and praying for them; as it showes great love.