Pogue On Pinterest.


I am on Pinterest where you basically have various boards where you collect “pins” of different things you like, such as hobbies,interests, favourites, styles, your wish list, etc, just stuff that you like; stuff that makes you, well….you. I have 8 boards: Hippos, Sunflowers, Hairstyles, Hunks, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Bob Marley, and My Wish List. Here I put a sample partial page of each. This one is various Hairstyles I love and so far it has 129 pins.


My Hippos board has 1170 pins, my biggest yet.


My Wish List ( a list of things I like and wish I had if I could afford it) has 113.


Dachshunds  has 397.


Chihuahuas has 250.


Hunks (guys I think are hot) has 106.


Bob Marley has 656 (my second-largest collection)


Sunflowers has 244.


As well, one of my cousins in Europe said that she was feeling lost and struggling and wasn’t sure what was more important, money or happiness, and I told her I think that the most important things in life are love and happiness; that you do need money but that there are alot of incredibly wealthy people that are completely miserable, think of the rich and famous that commit suicide, for example. I was really worried and asked her if she was ok but she said she was just pissed-off at work(she works for a charity). I got concerned though, talking like that. One should esp. not say things like that to someone like me who suffers thru depression and being suicidal because words like that are very powerful and someone like me thinks the worst and worries that she was teetering on the edge, esp. given the genetic factor in our family!