Screenshot_233  I can’t believe it’s Labour Day already, the end of summer! I was also thinking how it’s weird the odd things that we remember from the past, from our childhood, even things that don’t matter much to us in our daily lives or have much impact on us,and one of those things is the Beothuk Indians. I still remember learning about them in grade 7, the now extinct tribe from Newfoundland, and I remember first hearing the word, thinking, Beothuk? Wow…what a cool name! I love it! probably because thuk sounds like  someone with a speech impediment trying to say, F*ck. I also clearly remember in grade 3 when my friend D (who ended up 6 feet tall by the time she was 12 and was not surprisingly on the basketball team in highschool) sat on J’s leg and broke it and she had to hobble along on a walking cast and crutches for weeks, or the matching blue knit ponchos my Babushka made for my doll and I, doodling with markers all over my arms as a kid and getting into alot of trouble for it from my mother,eating the bottom of the pointed ice cream cone first and sucking all the ice cream out that way(my mother hated), crushing tin cans on the bottoms of my feet and clomping along with them on my feet like horsehoes(my mother absolutely loathed) laughing my ass off seeing a pickle stuck to a wall at McDonald’s, digging my toes in the clay in the bottom of the creek at the cottage when I was 4-5, learning to roller skate at the cemetary, etc. it’s just funny the things you remember, so random.

Screenshot_199 Look what I also found at the Ex last week! An Astro Pop! I haven’t seen or had one of these since the 80’s when I was a teen.I used to just be able to buy them at the corner store. I even oddly had a dream about one the night before I found this. I can’t believe I found it! It cost 5$ but what the hell. I deserve a treat every now and then and besides, it’s nostalgic! I enjoyed every lick of it and remembered it sticking to my teeth and savoured every single flavour and even saved it for one of my Weed Days so I could enjoy it even more when my senses are enhanced.

As well, I had that same hallucination again today,too: seeing that same hot guy walk by shirtless, tan, and with abs of steel. It must be a hallucination too as no guy can possibly be that fine, esp. not around here. I finally saw my neighbour L too and she said the fire trucks weren’t for her the other day but rather for next door; they were just parked in front of her place, and she told me her dog(he’s 12 like Buddy) had a dental infection and had all his teeth removed….and it cost a whopping 2000$! Shit! I wonder where she got that kind of $$$$ from or if she even had to take out a loan? I couldn’t even afford that for my own dental care, let alone for a dog, and, in fact, my mother only has a couple of teeth left; they’ve all rotted and fallen out but she doesn’t have a dental plan and doesn’t have the $$$$$ to pay for dental work.Luckily for my hubby, the kids,and I we have coverage from my hubby’s work that covers 80% of the cost, otherwise we’d be S.O.L. too.

Screenshot_241 This is also the new tie-dye skirt I got at the Ex. I keep looking for the past 4 years or so and I finally found it. Tie-dye shirts are easy enough to find but not the skirts or socks.I just love tie-dye. It’s one of my faves. I’m an old hippie! The one fabric and pattern I wouldn’t be caught dead in though is black lace or animal prints; so trashy and tacky! My anxiety’s been really bad lately as well it keeps me up late at night and I can’t sleep( I couldn’t fall asleep last night until Midnight) and my nails are chewed right down to stubs and I also had a feeling I’m going to die this week, the first week of September( unlesss it’s just wishful thinking, ha,ha) and so I asked a prayer to God to send me a specific sign if so: that I see something orange(as it’s not a colour you see too often), and that I see something orange in church yesterday(and my hubby wasn’t here to drive me and with the humidex it was 38 C and I had to walk), not incl. leaves which would be too easy now fall is near…..and I saw 2 guys walking by separately both wearing orange shirts….and then in church I saw another guy wearing an orange shirt and another guy with an orange hat!OK, then….