The Thumb.

Screenshot_270 Guess where this blood on my shirt came from? Buddy! The 17 YR old threw his toy for him to fetch and he was resting on the couch and he jumped down but somehow one of his nails ( on his I guess you’d call it a thumb?) must have gotten snagged on a blanket, and as it caught he twisted and turned the wrong way as he fell and the entire toe just twisted the wrong way, along with the nail, and just bent, snapped, and broke off. Well, it pretty much broke off; his toe’s just hanging there by a thread. Last time a similar thing happened where his nail got caught and his entire nail got torn off(which eventually grew back) but this time it was not only the entire nail but also the entire toe/thumb with it!

Oh, my God, it was just the saddest thing ever to see! Once the poor dog’s paws hit the ground he knew something was very wrong and that he was hurt; he just let out this God-awful scream; I’ve never heard such a pitiful sound in my entire life; it was just so sad; such a deep, hurt, painful, wail. He just had this stunned, shocked look on his face and big sad eyes as well, as if he was trying to process what just happened and he just stood there blankly, as if in shock, and I quickly scooped him up into my arms and held him close to my chest ( hence the blood all over my shirt) and checked out his paw and stopped the bleeding, disinfected it, and just held him,nuzzling him, soothing him,comforting him, and he just melted into me, not moving for what seemed like forever, just staring ahead blankly and so still; he was traumatized.

It’s healing up now(now it’s a bloody red stump of bone)didn’t bleed much or for too long, and he licks it to keep it clean, and I’m taking daily care of it as well(but he keeps taking the bandage off!) and luckily being the thumb he doesn’t need that toe to walk, but for now while it still hurts he’s not walking much and he limps around walking on 3 legs. My poor boy! The kids taunt  he’s going to die but you can live perfectly fine minus a toe, and it would be comparable to us losing a thumb, or de-clawing a cat, where they not only remove the claw but also remove part of the knuckle bone,too.

As well, the new neighbours that bought the nice brick house next to D’s old house are assholes. (I bet they came from Toronto! HA!) they are taking over everything not only on their own property but also on both sides of their neighbours with their tacky statues (they have 15-20 of them all over everywhere) they put everywhere, and even got into such a quarrel with their neighbours over it, about the property lines, that they even had the township come over and measure and put markers on the property lines, showing how far their property extended and where the corners are….and apparantly it goes waaay over onto both their next-door neighbour’s’ too(and they also tore up part of the next-door neighbour’s garden and put a statue there)as they have their ugly statues on their part now,too, and they just cut down that big elegant Black Walnut tree next door,too! (I really miss it!)So, basically, they just come in and move in and take over the place and act like they own it. WTF, man? Some people sure have alot of nerve and are so inconsiderate and rude! So now the neighbours all hate them and they have officially become the Neighbourhood Assholes.


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