Mr. Scarecrow.

Screenshot_380 3 of the kids ( the 23 YR old, 17 YR old,and 15 YR old) walked down to the fall festival in town. They had a pancake breakfast and made a scarecrow, seen here. (The oldest always says scarecrows are his  favourite ” animal). They named him Mr. Scarecrow (how original!) He’s a special, unique,and unusual scarecrow though; he doesn’t have a stick up his ass like most others do, as he’s laid-back, relaxed and low-key and not uptight. He’s also an indoor scarecrow; he doesn’t want to live outside where he can get wet from the rain, be exposed to the elements, or risk being stolen. (I wanted to borrow him and put him up on the balcony for fall decor but they wouldn’t let me) He’s also afraid of crows. We have a special-needs scarecrow.

Only at our house. Only in our family.

As well, Buddy’s eye lump is getting smaller, and the 17 YR old bought this really incredibly soft blanket and Buddy just loves it and lays on it, snuggling in and when my hubby tried to take him off it he was barking like crazy, telling him off, like saying, F*ck you! Get lost! Leave me alone! I’ll have to get him a new nice soft blanket of his very own for a Christmas present. I also thought I saw what looked like a dick under a chair and thought someone’s dick fell off (and I told my hubby to check his pants) but it turned out it was a sausage of some kind or something.I was also washing my hair and had soap in my eyes and my eyes were closed so I couldn’t see and I bent over and when I stood up I whacked my head hard on the doorknob. Holy shit, did that ever hurt….it even made a loud thud! sound that echoed. Oh, great, even more brain damage now and I’ll be even dumber than I already was before. I’m such a fop and so clumsy. Apparantly it’s common with Asperger’s to be a klutz.