Screenshot_428.png Now it’s cold. It feels like fall now after being so hot for so long. It was 12 C when I took Buddy out for his morning walk at 7 am. Today all day I was wearing my jacket and when Buddy and I were sitting outside we were curled up under a nice warm blanket. I also now have the cold that’s going thru the house and my mother’s getting it too so now it’s hit everyone. Sometimes 1 or 2 people get lucky and get spared, but not this time. Now we’re all sick. My mother also saw my sunflowers in the vase on the table and asked where they came from as she didn’t see them before( she had gone to bed when I’d went to Wal-Mart and picked up my delivery and saw them there and picked them up too) and she actually thought I took them out of someone’s garden, but I would never! That’s stealing! My hubby would though, no problem.

Screenshot_426 I also had my bloodwork done the other day and got my results online (I see the doctor next month) and as usual my liver enzymes are elevated ( I now know most likely due to my genetic Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency  which affects the liver and lungs) and decreased kidney function and high cholesterol with an added note highlighted that I am at high risk for CVD…. that being  cardio-vascular disease, again, meaning heart-attack and stroke. One of my doctors before(it was either the cardiologist or the gastro doc, I forget) questioned putting me on meds for the high cholesterol but he decided against it saying the meds also affect the liver and would cause even more damage. The good news is though that my glucose level is good( so I don’t have diabetes at least) and my hemoglobin and platelets are within normal range, so that’s something.

Even trying to dry out the sunflowers that the nice man across from church gave me to harvest for seeds to plant still didn’t work for me. I’m such a flop and failure nothing ever works out or goes right for me. Instead of drying out nicely it just got all slimy and stinky and I don’t even see any seeds! I know they should be on the face of the flower…..but there’s nothing there, just the little “hairy” things but no seeds. It figures, doesn’t it? The story of my life.