Garbage Cans.

Screenshot_982 We had 2 critter-proof ( yeah….right… the little fuckers can’t open it but they still just chew right thru the lid!) garbage cans like the ones pictured here and we’ve had them for years but they were falling apart, no handles, the lids have holes chewed thru and are now duct-taped over, ghetto-style,,and one the bottom is falling apart but they cost 35$ each and when you’re struggling financially, 70$ could help pay for groceries or go towards paying a bill and we really don’t have any “extra” $$$$ anywhere to be able to cover it and my mother saw a lottery commercial on TV for the 50$ million draw and quipped, If I had 50$ million the first thing I’d do is buy 2 new garbage cans! and it got me thinking:

If we weren’t so bad off financially we’d get all of our broken, falling apart stuff fixed that we currently can’t afford to replace or repair, incl. the screen doors, the stove, the leaky taps, the toilets, the leaking cracked ceilings, our socks and underwear with holes in it, the saggy mattresses that are over 20 years old and have big dents in the middle and springs popping out, the broken door,etc. I think that would be the best thing about having enough $$$ is not having to worry about $$$$ and having the peace of mind knowing if something needed fixing or replacement that we could just go ahead and do it without second thought, without having to worry about where the $$$ is going to come from, or having to go without because we just can’t afford it, we could just go and get it done. As it turns out, my hubby had bonus points or coupons or some kind of discount off at the store and was able to redeem enough that he was able to get the garbage cans for free and so now my mother is a happy camper. She’s like a kid at Christmas. You’d think she won the lottery!

As well, the calendars I just ordered arrived just the very next day; the day after I’d ordered them, and they sent them by courier too, even though I got free shipping, which is good as with the rotating mail strike for the past 3 days they’ve been on strike here, in our area, with their rotating strikes, and yesterday was grocery day,too, everyone’s favourite day of the week as we finally get food! The 1-2 days before grocery day are what we call Starvation Days as well as we always run out of food, even bread and milk, so that there’s nothing to eat for a couple of days until it’s grocery day and everyone has to scrounge around the house foraging for food like woodland creatures and we’re always so hungry and then on grocery day the entire village rejoices and does their Happy Dance. The 24 YR old said that now with Starvation Days it’s like when we fast during Lent, only worse, and once or twice a week.

We’re supposed to get 2 cm or so of snow today as well and the 17 YR old said if we do that she’s putting up the Christmas tree…..