25 Random Things….

1. I had my first child at age 22 and my last(or at least I THINK he’s my last…) at  age 40.

2. I played in mud puddles in potholes of parking lots as a kid.

3. I like the smell of markers,Play-Doh,Vapo-Rub,  and plastic.

4. During the Great Depression in the 1930’s my grandmother saw a guy jump off a building, plunging to his death.

5. My favourite pizza toppings are mushroom and green pepper.

6. The only way I would drink milk as a kid is if I put chocolate “Quick” powder in it.

7. I have been to 3 continents(so far.)

8. I hate fish.

9. I prefer smooth peanut butter to crunchy.

10. I plan to do missionary work in Africa once all the kids are grown up and leave home.

11. I wear a Q-Ray bracelet for fashion purposes.

12. I have seen rabid dogs fighting.

13. I have been to Universal Studios in California.

14. Calamine lotion reminds me of my childhood.

15. Easter lilies smell like Froot Loops cereal.

16. I have seen a calf being born.

17. Sour cream + onion chips are my favourite flavour.

18. I have been to 6 schools.

19. I have been a patient in an ambulance.

20. The longest I’ve ever had my hair is down to my waist.

21. I have used bleaching cream on my freckles.

22. I don’t like pickles but I do like pickle flavoured chips.

23. I like to use natural sea sponges in my bath.

24. I like small orange roses.

25. I have never used an eye-lash curler.


2 thoughts on “25 Random Things….

  1. #5 Those are vegetables…#7 I’ve been to 5 🙂 #8 what do you do during Lent?? #20 shoulders for me, but I’m a man 🙂

    • During Lent I eat LOTS of cheese!!…and pasta,noodles,eggs,rice, things like that.My family loves fish but I am the oddball; I hate it! 🙂

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