26 ABC’s of me….

June 2009. I got this idea off a blog…
A – Age: 42
B – Bed size: Queen
C – Chore you hate: Dishes! Ugh.
D – Dog’s name: Wilson(Shih-Tzu puppy)
E – Essential start your day item: Face wash.Prayers.Rosary.
F – Favorite color: Purple and blue
G – Gold or Silver: Gold
H – Height: 5’6″
I – Instruments you play: Violin
J – Job title:Homeschooling mother of 11 kids.
K – Kids:Eleven!!
L – Living arrangements: 3 floor, 7 bedroom house out in the country.
M – Mom’s name: Mom
N – Nicknames: Pogue Mahone(my alias and username)
O – Overnight hospital stay: After having the kids. 2 surgeries.With my son for his leukemia.(longest stay: a week.Shortest: overnight)
P – Pet Peeve: Enviro-nazis!!
Q – Quote from a movie: “Bueller? Bueller?”
R – Right or left handed: Left
S – Siblings: 3 half-sibs(I only knew of as an adult)
T – Time you wake up:6-7 am.Start off day praying and reading daily Missal.THEN I get up, usually 7-8 am.
U – Underwear: Old cotton “Grannie” style(so! It’s COMFY!!)No thongs for me!
V – Vegetable you dislike: All of them, mostly broccoli.
W – Ways/Reasons you run late: Kids.Husband “dawdling”.
X – X-rays you’ve had: teeth & chest,ankle,belly ultrasounds
Y – Yummy food you make: Pierogies
Z – Zoo animals you like: Hippo

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