35 blessings to be thankful for all year long.

1. Water: it sustains all life, is cleansing, renewing, relaxing,and refreshing to both body and soul.

2. Babies: this is the gift that keeps on giving; it gives hope and promise for a better future, continues the human race and  makes the world go around.

3. Faith: without it we have no hope, no reassurance of a better life in the Eternities.

4. Chocolate: without it, life just wouldn’t be the same! 🙂

5. The Word of God: the Bible is our handbook for life, our guidebook on the rules and what is expected of us to be right with God, how to get along with our fellow human beings,how to live a civilized life with justice ,peace,and love.

6. Seasons: the changing seasons bring a routine constant to our lives and daily routine,and bring welcome changes and differences.

7. Our senses: they allow us to live life more fully; to be able to see, smell, hear, taste, and  touch,so we can better enjoy all that surrounds us.Soak up all that life has to offer.

8. Happy endings: what can lift up one’s spirit more  than a happy ending? A romance fulfilled, a degree earned, a safe birth, a medical problem healed, a broken heart healed, a promotion attained, a tragedy overcome…

9. A nice hot bath: this can do wonders to heal aches and pains, and is relaxing and eases whatever ails you.

10. Fresh air: this can make you feel envigorated and alive. It cheers you up, makes you feel refreshed and healthy,energizes you,and makes you feel relaxed.

11. Plush stuffed toys: who’s heart isn’t warmed by cuddling up with a nice, soft, plush cutsie stuffed toy?

12. Cute, fluffy puppies: holding a sweet soft little puppy and having it lick your face cheers up just about anything.Therapy for the soul.

13. A good book: reading a good book is like food for your mind.You can transport yourself off to a different time, a different world, and a magical fantasy escape for a few hours.

14. Fireplaces: sitting snug and warm next to a roaring fireplace is romantic, relaxing, and peaceful.

15. Floating: floating in a pool is a great stress-reliever. You just float off blissful, to a quiet secret place.

16. Good music: good music stirs the soul and is inspiring and gets your whole body happy and smiling.You can feel it in every sense of your being.

17. The ocean: the waves, the mist, the breeze, the crashing noises against the surf, the salty smell, is refreshing and purifying.

18. Sunsets: have you ever seen the most beautiful sunset, esp. over the water? It’s a postcard-picture-perfect scene and it’s breathtaking.

19. Flowers: the majestic beauty and variety of flowers and their sweet scents are amazing and awe-inspiring.

20. Good results on medical tests: when a dreaded medical test result comes back with good results it is a sigh of relief and makes you just want to run down the street shrieking and doing flips out of sheer joy and relief!!

21. Photo albums: it is a pleasure to look over old photo albums and relive the past and to see how everyone has grown and changed over the years, and to recall happy memories of the past.

22. The smell of Evergreen: the smell of Evergreen trees(esp. Scotch Pine!) is something I could inahle and enjoy all day long!

23. Baby hands and feet: I just love the chubby, dimpled baby’s hands and their sweet little feet,as well as the sweet powdery smell of their skin,velvety  soft as rose petals.

24. Grass: I just love the smell of freshly-cut grass and the way it feels to run barefoot on it.

25. Summer: summer is always a fun time to just relax, spend time outside, and have a break from the usual rush and activities of the rest of the year.

26. Suntans: I always enjoy the nice deep, dark suntan of the summer, it makes me feel healthy and glowing, with some colour, esp. after being so pasty white all winter!

27. Comfy, warm, snug bed: snuggling down  into fluffy down-filled pillows , flannel sheets and puffy quilt is one of my favourite things! I feel safe and secure, warm and cozy.

28. Flying: I enjoy flying, soaring off into the clouds, feeling the sun shine thru the window onto my face, warming me, feeling like I can touch the clouds; the closest I can get to Heaven.

29. A good, long cry: a good, long cry can be so cleansing, so cathargic, so releasing.Emptying your soul of sorrow and grief can leave you feeling renewed.

30. Prayer: opening your heart and soul to God; thanking Him, asking Him for help, just talking to Him and sharing your hopes, dreams and fears, opening yourself up to His mercy and care,knowing you always have a Friend you can talk to, confide in, and trust, and talk to this way is very comforting and reassuring.Even if you are truly all alone and have no one to listen, God is always there.

31. Prayers answered: it is amazing to have a prayer answered and when something turns out and goes your way, or you are rewarded with a blessing or a grace from God. An answered prayer is like a hug from God.

32. A beating heart: the heart is the only organ in your body that never truly rests; even when you sleep it still has to keep pumping; every second of every day of your life it beats  and keeps you alive. This is a miracle when you really think about it. Hearing the  beating heart of your unborn baby is also the most wonderful sound in the world!!

33. A hug: sometimes nothing can make you feel better as a good hug from a kind and caring person.At times, no words even need to be said; a hug is all you really need.It can speak louder than words.

34. Good health: good health is always something to be thankful for but often you overlook it until something happens and you no longer have it and then you miss it!

35. Writing: I find writing therapeutic and cleansing. I write my heart and soul out, detailing what matters to me and I find it a gift from God and a great pleasure and a way to express yourself from the inner-most depths of your being.

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