5 things I like about…..

May 2009:

I have been challenged to put down 5 things I like about….


5 things I like about:


Now this is extremely hard for someone like me with no self-esteem whatsoever,and who always wishes I was someone else instead, but here goes….

1. I have a strong faith in God.

2.I am pro-life.

3.I am always open to offering new life.

4.I’m not racist.

5. I am unique.


5 things I like about….my childhood:

1. Spending time with my aunts, uncles,and cousins.

2. Camp every summer.

3. Having fun with friends.

4.Eating all I want and never getting fat.

5. My grandmother’s garden.


5 things I like about…..my hubby:

1. He wanted lots of kids and a stay-at-home wife.

2.He has strong values and morals.

3. We share the same religious and political beliefs.

4. He’s smart.

5. He supports homeschooling.


5 things I like about…..my Church:

1. It’s the ONLY Church founded by Jesus and NOT by men!

2. The rich Liturgy.


4.Gregorian chants.

5. Guardian angels.


and now….

5 things I REGRET:

1. I was an only child growing up.

2.I didn’t have a stay-at-home mother.

3. Not being pretty.

4. Not having a father around.

5. Missing out on so much in life….

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