7 things you didn’t know about me….

1. I was born 6 weeks premature. I was unable to eat and needed a feeding tube. I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. Years later, I had a preemie of my own born 5 weeks early and unable to breathe; he was resussitated and spent a week in NICU.

2. I can bend both my thumbs all the way down so they are touching right against my wrist.

3. I pierced my own nose. Saved 50$!

4. I have 11 tattoos.

5. I accidently set fire to the carpet when I was about 11. I was walking with a lit candle and tripped and fell and it caught fire. I stomped it out and moved a couch over the black spot on the carpet so my mother wouldn’t notice; I told her I “redecorated”.

6. I was the kid in school that was always picked-on, teased, made fun of, beaten-up and ostracized.The mental scars still remain, even to this day and affected my self-esteem.

7.  I almost drowned as a kid: my sadistic babysitter threw me in the deep end of a pool and I grabbed on to a woman’s long hair and climbed out. Due to that, I learned to swim early and was diving in the deep end from when  was 6 years old.

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