8 Things list.

8 Things……April 2009:


8 things I am looking forward to:


1. Our Caribbean trip in October.

2. Our son visiting from university in 2 weeks.

3. Reading the next in the series of a novel I am reading.

4. Getting the hat I ordered online delivered.

5. Upcoming kids’ First Communion and Confirmation.

6. Season finales of TV shows I watch.

7. Swimming in our pool once it’s open for the sumer.

8. If I ever have another baby.


8 things I did yesterday:


1. Talked to my son at university.

2. Sat outside in the sun.

3. E-mailed friends.

4. Bathed the kids.

5. Shaved my head.

6. Cooked meals.

7. Talked on the phone to my husband who’s away in Vegas for a week.

8. Fed the chipmunks outside.


8 things I wish I could do:


1. Have another baby.

2. Lose weight.

3. Have plastic surgery to look pretty.

4. Have dental veneers.

5. Go indoor skydiving.

6. Do missionary work in Africa.

7. Not worry so much.

8. Like myself.


8 shows I used to watch:


1. ER

2. Golden Girls

3. Night Court

4. The Cosby Show

5. The Wonder Years

6. Cheers

7. Dear John

8. A Different World

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