About me

I am a pro-life Catholic homeschooling mother of 11 kids. We live in Canada. I enjoy travelling and have been to 20 countries so far: USA,(Hawaii,California,Chicago,NY,NJ,Washington),Mexico,Russia,Finland,England, Ireland,Scotland,France,Holland,Belgium,Norway,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Gibraltar,Malta,

Tunisia,Morocco,Germany,and the Vatican,and this Sept.(2008) I am also going to Egypt,Israel,Greece,Turkey,and Croatia,and a trip already booked for Oct. 2009 to Caribbean; Bahamas,Turks and Caicos, St.Maarten, St. Thomas,and a couple of other islands. We are hopefully planning on going to Asia in 2010(yes, we plan ahead!) to China,Japan,Taiwan,Singapore,Thailand,Hong Kong,and Vietnam…..sometimes the kids have traveled with us, other times, it’s just us! 🙂

My husband is in computers, and the kids(6 girls and 5 boys) range in ages from 1 year to 19 years.The oldest is going off to university in the fall.We are a traditional, orthodox religious family.We don’t believe in contraception or abortion. We homeschool the kids and they are also active in youth groups, Cubs and Scouts, piano lessons and air cadets.That’s us!!

I also have Social Phobia, depression, Asperger’s Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome, OCD,breathing problem, perception problem,and possible Bi-Polar Disorder. Needless to say, these limits make my life very difficult and  challenging and each day is a struggle just to survive. It sets me apart from other people and I have been ostracized and bullied my entire life as a result. I also have endured countless severe traumas,misfortunes,and bad luck, which have broken me beyond repair.Yet, despite all these limitations I have a strong faith and love of God, which gets me thru.

July 2008

3 thoughts on “About me

    • For privacy and security reasons I never use my real name online(people who need to know know who I am) but use a screen name. I got “Pogue Mahone” a few years ago when I was in Dublin. I got a T-shirt that said “pog mo thoin” on it (yes, I know what it means!)and thought it would make for a funny screen name esp. as most people don’t know what it really means so it’s kind of like an inside joke. I was even addressed once as “Dear Mrs. Mahone!”

  1. Yeah I figured most people wouldn’t really understand it. It is kind of funny when those who are ‘not in the know’ think it is a serious name. I guess there are not so many people educated in Irish who know you either! Good one! I like it.

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