Welcome to my blog! If you are interested in it….

I expect you are also religious, pro-life, homeschooling, faith-loving,breastfeeding, non-circumsizing, multi-lingual, well-travelled, voracious reading, sun-loving,conservative, “bohemian-hippie” clothing-wearing, cancer-shaved, traditional, moral-minded, freedom defending, anti-war,wickedly humoured, trivia-buff, fashion aware, anti-environmental, peaceful, minimalist, government-conspiracy-theorist,insular, social-phobic, emotionally-scarred, headache-plagued, concrete-thinking, unfortunate-looking,baby-making,daycare disapproving,anti-feminist,math defective,sports-hating,non-contracepting,country music detesting,high-strung,impatient,short-tempered,rural-dwelling,high-expectating, opinionated, determined, stubborn, strong-willed, truthfully-speaking, sin-hating, non-conformist, free-thinking, creative, individualistic,sensitive,self-critical,under-appreciated,long-suffering,traumatized, depression-prone,outcast, free-spirited, devout, loyal, music-loving,anxious, edgy, unique, unusual, big-boned, stylish, youthful, controversial, deep-thinking, analytical, and off-beat, stay-at-home  42-year-old  mother….because that’s what *I* am…and if you’re not….you’ll soon find out!

THIS is my blog.

We are a family with 11 children, 5 boys and 6 girls, ages 2 years to 19 years(turning 20 in the fall).We are Catholic, pro-life ,and we homeschool(and we don’t “apologize” for it!!)

If you are along those lines, you will enjoy this blog. Even if you aren’t, you still may learn something about those of us who are!

Whoever you are, consider yourself warmly welcomed,and a big thank-you for coming!! Thanx for visiting…and for letting me vent! 🙂

APRIL 2009 updated.

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