Amy Winehouse

August 2008

Dear friends:

I was just thinking about singer Amy Winehouse today. She is British, and 25 years old. She has a soulful, lovely voice,and sings a Jazzy-style music reminding me of the classic Jazz singers from the 1920’s.

Not only is she a talented singer, she is also, sadly, a drug addict, and is slowly destroying herself and throwing away her great talent; she has this gift and has no respect for it. I feel so badly for her; she is so tormented and will end up like Janis Joplin,and countless other talented singers who OD’ed.

To look at her is shocking; she is a shabby mess; dishevelled “beehive”-style hair, Cleopatra-eye-makeup,all skin and bones and covered in arm tattoos; she looks quite a fright actually and doesn’t match what you’d *think* from hearing her voice; hearing her sing you envision an elegant Black lady, with a flowing gown, belting out Jazz…..but in reality she looks quite different.Looks can be deceiving and you’d never know by looking at her she possesses the voice of an angel!!

Please pray for Amy. It seems she has given up on herself, her life,and her talent.It is a tragic waste.I expect she will be dead within a year, if not 6 months unless she gets help.Please pray for her that she realizes she has a problem and needs help and that she can’t do it on her own, but that there is no shame or weakness in that; we all need help from time to time and have to rely on others to help us thru.We rely on God as well, every day of our lives,and that at times He also uses others to help us,too. Please keep her in mind.It;’s heartbreaking to see someone waste away like that,and to lose such a talent.

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