Angels are among us!

Dearest family,

Did you know that the Bible has mention of angels, as God’s helpers and messengers,and the Church also teaches they are real, incl. a Guardian Angel that watches over each one of us our entire life long.

I have personally had what I think,and am pretty sure, are angelic encounters.Here they are; see for yourself and decide what you think…

Years ago I was very sick, with concern of deadly bloodclots and I was afraid; scared of dying and leaving young kids behind,and I lay in my bed at night fearful and worried,when I felt  presence,and then I distinctly fely someone lightly touch the tip of my nose….and from then on I was ok! Heavenly reassurance and healing,perhaps? I like to think so.

My mother was driving in winter  when she was suddenly caught in a blinding snowstorm and into a snowbank , and couldn’t see the road; she was disoriented and didn’t knw where the raod ended or which direction she was facing, or even if there were any other cars nearby….all of a sudden out of nowhere a stranger appeared and dug her out and got her back on track….and she turned to thank him he has mysteriously disappeared and was gone…..and there were no other tread marks on the road, no other cars, where he could have come from,and when she got back she was told there was no one else except her car out there….hmmmmm…

After the birth of my 5th child I was dead-tired and wasn’t waking up well during the night to feed him,and then I heard a voice calling out to me “It’s time” and I woke up, and sure enough I heard him crying to be fed….but no one else in the house was awake…was it his guardian angel helping me to take care of him?

With the birth of my 7th child he was a preemie and I was hemmoraging, and it was frightening and I’d had a dream he wouldn’t be breathing when he was born so it was a very stressful and scary time,but the entire time I could “feel” someone right there with me; someone was sitting right there on the bed next to me, helping me to feel a calmness and peace…and I was right; he wasn’t breathing at birth and had to be revived.It was terrifying, but I had the distinct feeling I wasn’t going thru it alone…

A couple of times I have quickly seen a glance out of the corner of my eye 2 hazy, shadowy, tall figures quickly glide past me.2 of the kids(one said it even smiled and waved a her,too!) have told me they too have seen the same thing, as did my mother; in the playroom, livingroom,and diningroom.Angels?

I have often had warnings in dreams perparing me of tragic events to occur(incl. our housefire and our son having cancer) that did indeed come to pass. I was pre-warned in time to prepare us and to keep us safe.

It’s nice to know we have Heavenly helpers watching out over us, protecting us from harm, warning us,looking after us,and keeping us safe.I find it very comforting.we are not alone. 🙂 With God on our side what do we have to fear? With Him all things are possible and miracles do happen.We just need to have the faith and the obedience and He looks after all the rest!!

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