Are we in the Last Days and End Times?

Sept. 2008,

Dearest friends,

  I just read of the stock market crash,which brings to mind the prophecy of the world’s economy collapsing as a sign of the End Times or the Last Days mentioned in the Bible, signalling Jesus’ return and the end of evil in the world; where all wickedness, sin, and immorality will be destroyed, incl. those who live sinful unrepentant lives….but these are exciting times for the righteous…I personally can’t wait to see the end of this sinful world,and look forward to Jesus’ return!! 🙂

  So, what makes me think we are nearing the end of this sinful worldly system of things? The signs fulfilling the Bible prophecy are all taking place right now,such as:


Increased wars:

Iraq, Afghanistan, unrest in the Middle East and among African nations.Terrorism.More people killed in war now than ever.More wars.More destruction,deadlier weapons.

Increased famines, pestilences,and natural disasters:

There have always been so, but now more than ever; not only in an increased amount, but with increased intensity; hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, you name it; more often, with more death and destructions and increased frequency.Hurricane Katrina comes to mind, and the Indonesian tsunami, plus various other assorted major earthquakes in China, Turkey,Greece, etc..catastrophic events that are unprecedented.

Lovers of what is bad:

The world is seeped in greed, hatred, racism, disrespect for life, turning away from God,justifying and glorifying sin.Lovers of self, lovers of money.Haughty.Arrogant.Heartless.

Calling what is bad good,and what is good, bad:

Society now says it’s ok to sleep around, to be gay, to kill your unborn babies….but scoff at God’s Law, morality, family values, faith,and religion,and authorities even go as far as to punish and persecute those who don’t go along with the world and who stand up for morality and God’s Truth(eg. charging with “hate crimes” for speaking out and condemning sodomy as a sin)

persecution of Christians:

Christians are being persceuted and censored by the media, schools, gov’t authorities,and even being physically harmed or even killed in certain places, such as India.Homeschoolers in Germany have their children seized by authorities, have their bank accounts frozen,and are imprisoned. Child Welfare authorites crack down on Christians, large familes,and homeschoolers,taking their kids away on mere accusation.Schools have banned Christmas pageants in favor of Political Correctness.Environmentalism has become the new “religion”.Catholic churches in Russia are severely restricted and even outright banned.Catholic school boards are in danger of closing. Pro-lifers are arrested for protesting abortion. Christians are charged with “hate crimes” for speaking out against sinful lifestyles. 

Turing away from what is good:

Life is devalued,kids are killing,school shootings,crime and violence is at it’s worst, terrorism,abortion,war,lawlessness,people just living together without marriage,promiscuity,drug and alcohol abuse, mothers having different fathers  for their children,child abuse,divorce,broken families,dysfunction,human trafficking,pornography,it goes on and on…

Turning away from God:

Most people shun God and His Laws. Religious people are mocked and ostracized.The world disregards God and censor His Word.Most people in society don’t even go to church or teach their children religion.Decrease in the number of priests; it has reached a critical shortage!!

Great Apostasy:

Environmentalism,Political Correctness, New Age, Occult,and the like are replacing True religion with these idolatrous,false, New World religions and false beliefs.Even some of  those in authority in the churches are falling away(just as 1/3 of the angels did!) saying gay marriage is ok, or women priests, pedophile priests,and the like; embracing environmentalism,feminism,political correctness,and New Age,and even the occult, in place of God’s Word.If it conflicts with the Bible, it’s false.

False Prophets and the Anti-Christ:

Many false prophets(and false religions) have come into the world,and any church or doctrine that was founded by man and not by God is a falsehood.Cults are rampant,and interest in the occult is at an all-time high.People have a void; a spiritual need that they need filled and are getting that not from God, but from false teachings and false religions.Paganism,occult,and New Age have become more popular than ever ad “replacing” True worship due only to God.

One-World Government:

United Nations? European Union?Sound familiar? Big Brother is here,alive and well…


Women will become like men….

Rampant lesbianism, Wicca, feminism, career-bitches,women forfeiting having kids and putting career and money ahead of family, women leaders of nations….this speaks for itself.


Collapse of world economy:

With the stock market crash this will affect the world’s economy like never before, equalled(if not exceeded) the Great Depression and Recession of the 80’s.Massive national debts.Financial institutions are bankrupt.Prices of everything are soaring, for example,fuel and food.


Children disobedient to parents:

Children now are spoiled, have no rules or discipline, and parents are afraid or apathetic to care; for fear of child welfare authorities coming after them if they dare to discipline or teach Bible Truths, or too wrapped up in their careers or social life to care about their kids; they don’t know where they are or what they’re doing, or who their friends are; kids are having sex, geting pregnant,committing crimes,into trouble, disrespectful and the like and it’s getting worse.There is no longer any authority or respect in the home.Famililes are dysfunctional, and being destroyed and Satan likes to attack familes as they are important to God.Families are broken and struggling and society suffers the consequences of it.


so….what’s LEFT before the end is here?

Jesus’ return

Fire from the sky…..isn’t that about it? haven’t we already had,or are currently having, all the other signs to fulfill the prophecy?The good will be spared and the wicked will be destroyed.Sounds like Noah’s Ark, doesn’t it? The world today is in a worse state of rampant  sin than Sodom and Gemorrah.(and we all know what happened there, don’t we?)

The good news is sin and wickedness will soon be destroyed,as well as Satan and all his Earthly organizations. I personally cannot wait; I am glad to see the sinful world come to an end and an era of peace and righteousness reign in it’s place. Surely an exciting time for the righteous, but a terrifying prospect for most of the world, lost to sin,soon to pay the price for their immorality and sinful choices.

What can we do?


I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime. I’d bet a few years at best…everything is now falling into place.

Pray.As they say ‘The End is near…..” all the signs are here. What side will YOU be on?

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