Attachment parenting.

June 2009:

Since we have 11 kids and homeschool, people assume we’re the stereotypical Attachment Parenting, organic,all- natural,natural childbirth, homebirthing, breastfeeding,non-circumcizing, stay-at-home mother, non-vaccinating, baby-wearing, family bed sleeping, cotton-diapering,”Earth Mother” ,Birkenstock-wearing,small-government believing, grow-your-own-garden type of family, but in reality, only PARTLY.

I wish I could have homebirths, but with the complications I have(mainly hemmoraging, but other things,too) I have to be in the hospital, but with the intrusion of hospitals I would much  prefer to homebirth and if it weren’t for being high-risk I would. I DO breasfteed though,and the possible link of autism to vaccines does concern me(as well as the fact the MMR vaccine is cultured from dead human baby embryos!) but the fear of not vaccinating and the kids getting a fatal disease worries me more.I was brought up in a medical household and have sort of been “hard-wired” that way!We do vaccinate but I can understand why others don’t. We have the babies sleep in their own cribs(also said to lessen the chance of SIDS) with the risk of accidental squishing or suffocation if we shared a bed, and besides, there’s so many of us they don’t even make a bed big enough to fit us all anyway! 🙂

I have had a natural birth(the 6th baby) and we don’t circumcize(I see it as mutilation!) and I definitely am a stay-at-home mother, as well as homeschooler.In many ways we do live a natural lifestyle,although not entirely but we  are self-sufficient and rarely access outside sources.

I do wear the babies in slings, but we now  use disposable diapers(I tried cotton once for a few years  when we only had 4 kids in diapers as it’s less expense, but we’re not enviro-nazis!) as it’s easier,and I don’t make my own baby food; I buy the jars.I have never owned Birkenstock sandals(even though it’s true most people in our homeschooling group DO wear them!) and I don’t really have the time to grow our own garden. I used to years ago, but now haven’t got the time to put into it, although I do plant annual flowers!

We’re definitely NOT organic, “Green” or anything to do with environmentalism which is nothing more than thinly disguised pagan nature worship! In fact, we only recycle(cans and jars) as we’re cheap; here  we have to pay for each bag of garbage we put out and recycling is free so we cram as much as we can into the little blue box, but not because we’re Earth worshippers or tree-huggers! Not even close!

So then, I guess you could say we are partly the stereotypical homeschooling family. We do parts, and parts we don’t; some as it doesn’t work for us, but I have nothing against those that do; that’s up to them; if they don’t want to vaccinate their kids, or they’re vegetarians, that’s fine. To each his own.I think each family should decide what works best for them and incorporates into their beliefs.Different doesn’t mean bad.

We do believe in small government though; it has become waaaayyy too intrusive upon people’s and families’ rights ,privacy,and freedoms.The less the Nanny-state is involved in our lives, the better.We do as much as we can on our own, without outside interference.We guard our family’s autonomy and do things our own way, free of outside prying and intervention. We only seek “outside” help when absolutely necessary,and what society sees as the “norm” and what “worldly” people expect means nothing to us; we follow God and not the world. We basically shun it, and our idea of success isn’t being rich or famous or popular or following the crowd; if we make it to Heaven then we have considered our lives(and our job as parents in raising a godly family) a success!

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